Wednesday, March 19, 2014


 Several years ago I was using computer generated images of very small designs...rosettes, crosses, stars, etc, to create works of animal art.  Most of the works were dogs with the exception of one cat.  Above is a piece inspired by my beagle, Lily.  The work is approximately 8" x 8", composed of printed images on cardstock, individually hand cut and glued.  BEAGLE by Parker Kagan-Kaufman, 2010.

Above, SHIH-Tzu, by Parker Kagan-Kaufman, 2010, a composition of computer printed designs, hand cut and glued individually.  Approximately 8" x 8".

This work was featured here last year as one of our give-away items.  Titled, "TUXEDO CAT", the composition is 8.5" x 11", computer images printed on cardstock, singularly cut and glued to a printed paper background.  By Parker Kagan-Kaufman, 2013.

"POODLE" is another work from 2010, computer enhanced designs, cut and glued singularly, approximately 8" x 8", by Parker Kagan-Kaufman.

The final work in the group was this "DACHSHUND", computer images on cardstock, hand cut and glued, 8.5" x 11", by Parker Kagan-Kaufman, 2011.  In this piece, the same design was used throughout, printing it on 3 different colors of coardstock.

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