Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Latest Work by Parker Kaufman

Good morning, Gentle Readers!

I am thrilled to present to you this morning some of the latest work by our own Parker Kaufman.  As lovely as these are, I can honestly tell you these one-dimensional photos do not do his work justice.  His pieces are layered cardstock with subtle dimensionality and texture. 


This jazzy moonlight beauty is titled "WALKING".  It is a 14 x 20 inch piece made entirely of cardstock.  It is a vibrant piece with a modern twist on perspective and a sense of freedom and discovery.  And SASS!  


The title of this story within the picture is "HIS JOURNEY".  It measures 12 x 20 inches and is made entirely of cardstock.  It depicts a journey back into the sunshine, a re-animation of spirit and soul.  And yet, he carries with him... maybe a momento from his hard journey back into the sunshine?
Parker's work is available on his website.  Check it out for his latest work.
Parker's website address is: 


  1. Thank you, Parker, for sharing these beautiful new pieces with us. They are fantastic. Love you and miss you. Come back anytime and share your work with us.

    1. Parker Kagan-KaufmanJune 18, 2014 at 11:08 AM

      Thank you Carol for your kind comments. And thanks so much for featuring my work. I've noticed that my work takes on a whole different life when presented by someone else...(smile) I'm working on some newer larger pieces and will be happy to let you have first chance at featuring them. Thank you again, you're doing wonders with V&V, keep up the fantastic work sweetie.

  2. It IS a fantastic site

  3. I love these! I like Walking especially. What a talent :)