Wednesday, January 7, 2015

HOMELESS by Parker Kaufman

Dear Gentle Readers,
I have a very special treat for you today, a new art piece by our very own Parker Kaufman, who has been busy creating new and wonderful art treasures since he has left us to devote more time to his art.  This piece struck me as extra special.  We see the plight of the man in the picture, yes, but we also see his strength, that southwestern spirit that endures and survives, and we see his beautiful spirit. 
That we have homeless in the numbers that we do here in the US is a shame.  Something needs to be done.  I have heard it said that we are all only one large medical emergency or major illness away from becoming bankrupt and homeless in this country.  Think about it.  Nobody WANTS to be out living on the streets.

The details:  22" x 30", cardstock mounted on poster
board.  Titled "HOMELESS",  by Parker Kaufman 12-07-14.

"The homeless people that I see everyday, living on the streets of Houston, surviving for just the moment, doing whatever it takes to make it to the next day,  the resolve that it takes, the spirit to endure their plight, and the need to call attention to this segment of our society, was the motivation behind this work.  We see these people, but we really don't SEE them.  They are the invisible that walk among us.  The work is also a testament to our lack of compassion and our compulsion to ignore the ugly side of life and pretend it doesn't exist." 
                                                                 - Parker Kaufman

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