Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Newest Work by Our Own Parker Kaufman

Dear Gentle Readers,

I have a special treat for you today, the latest art piece by our own wonderful and beloved Parker Kaufman, Texas paper collage artist and co-founder of Vision and Verse. As you know, Parker left the blogging world last year to concentrate on his art and we are seeing the results.

In his own words:
"Hot off my work table, my latest pop art piece. "The Face of Equality", a 20" x 30" cardstock composition by Parker Kaufman, 03-29-15. This work is very personal to me in light of all struggles happening with regard to same-sex marriages and LGBT discrimination by the fanatic fundamentalists."

Thank you, Parker, for allowing Vision and Verse to share your new work with our readers. As always, your work is stunning and timely. Come back anytime you feel the urge to reconnect with our readers.


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