Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Her Night Out", New Work by the Wonderful Parker Kaufman

"Her Night Out"
by Parker Kaufman

Dear Gentle Readers,

Oh, we have a big treat today! Our own Parker Kaufman has recently completed the new art piece 
pictured above.

"Her Night Out" is a 20" x30" cardboard composition mounted on foam board. It shows a female figure dressed for an evening on the town. The jewel-toned composition on black exudes a feeling of anticipation and the crackle of energy against the gentle breeze of the city night.

I miss working with Parker every day here at Vision and Verse, but when I see his completed works, I realize his time is being well-spent working on his craft. But I miss him.


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  1. Carol, you are my biggest fan and cheerleader, and I love you dear friend. Thank you once again for exhibiting my work here on Vision and Verse. I echo your feelings....I miss working with you as much. Who knows, we may one day have that opportunity again. Meanwhile, I wish you continued success here at V&V and in your blossoming career as an incredible writer. Hugs to you, Parker.