Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Four Fabulous "ParkerScapes"

Dear Gentle Readers,
I asked our own talented Parker Kaufman to share some of his creations with us this morning. Some are new. A few I hadn't seen in a while. But these four "ParkerScapes" put together make a eerily beautiful scene. And I asked Parker to give us a little background on each. Enjoy.

The first image is "Space in Red" made 04-2012. It's like all of the others, is a composition of cardstock and computer generated and enhanced images, along with colored pencil and ink.  All are also 8.5" x 11".  Space in Red was inspired by a photo of a formation on the surface of Mars which resembled a face.  I thought how interesting it would be if there really was someone or some thing there looking into space, waiting for another entity to see it and make contact.  I used several different techniques to achieve the look.  I chose red as the background to challenge the idea that space is always black.  The striped cones are sea shells distorted with a software program.  The flying saucers are also shells that have been distorted and then color reversed.  The face is a mask that was made to look like rock using an embossing software function.  The same technique was used on the rings of the planet.

The blue piece you chose is titled Stranded and was made 02-2012.  It was born of my love for sci-fi and surrealism and the thought of what it would be like to be stranded somewhere with no hope of returning to where you came from.  The worst I could think of was being left far out in space on a desolate planet.  I used the distortion program to create the sea shell "spires".  I applied a negative grain effect to a photo of actual mountains to achieve the rock formations.  The "spheres" are color-reversed images of a moon, in triple layers of cardstock for added dimension.    The prehistoric creature, poised in a scream, symbolizes the tremendous  fear and hopelessness of eternal isolation.

The second work you chose, is called Event Horizon and was created 03-2012.  It was inspired by a sci-fi movie by the same name. The Event Horizon was a spacecraft and crew that had disappeared and later reappeared abandoned.  An investigation found the craft totally empty, but something evil had inhabited it.  My piece depicts the idea that something evil has manifested itself in the form of a plant and brings death to the more advanced species around....namely humans.  Once again I used a distortion program to alter images of a tree, which was then cut into pieces to form the "evil" plant.  I used textured cardstock to achieve the effect on the moons.  I chose a bright green background as this world was a place of constant daylight.  Triple layers of cardstock were used to give dimension to the waves in the sky.

Lastly, Pink Death Fantasy, 02-2012,  was inspired by a book of fiction that I read as a teenager, a story about the last days of Earth.  The heat was so intense because the planet had left it's orbit, getting too close to the Sun.  I wanted a futuristic, organic feel, so I employed computer generated images of a human spinal column, topped off with fiery looking orbs.  The skeleton atop the coffin was used to convey a slight bit of dignity in the heath of the human species.  The intertwining colored waves in the sky represent a calmness, like a blanket descending, putting  the Earth to sleep....permanently.

You can reach Parker at with inquiries on his current projects, items for sale, prices, or just to tell him how much you love his work. 

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