Monday, May 2, 2016

New Work from Parker Kaufman

Dear Gentle Readers,

The amazing Parker Kaufman has been at it again, creating another gorgeous composition. This one is entitled "Journey of the Non People." It reminded me of the time I took the bus at night in downtown Las Vegas. Not the happy, bustling, always a party Strip, this busload was full of exhausted downtown workers making their way home from minimum wage jobs. The looks on their faces said it all.

This latest creation, finished on April 10, 2016, is a 15" x 20" cardstock on foam board composition in black, white, and jewel tones of green and purple.

"I was pondering the idea of dreams and their origins.  It got me thinking way outside the box about our metaphysical selves and how that part of us "lives" while we are unconscious.  I asked myself if that part of us is within us, or does it exist somewhere outside of our physical body and how it connects with us.  We obviously don't physically go anywhere.  I favored the notion that it exists somewhere in space.  This piece depicts a  place, a world always in darkness, where that part of us exists, where others like us go to work, manufacturing adventures and delivering them as we lie unconscious.  I haven't considered the method of delivery of these dreams...I think that would require the skills of a very talented author."
                                                                                                           -Parker's own words.


Link to Parker's website:


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  3. Great post ... by the way, Green & Purple are my favorite colors :) ... Coincidence?