Friday, January 19, 2018

Irish Artist George Callaghan

George Callaghan was born in
County Antrim in Northern Ireland in 1941. He started school with the rest of his friends at Caris Glen Primary School on Old Park Road. But at the age of four, his family moved to South Africa. His education, unfortunately, was in the ways of Apartheid.

George became the Western Province Boxing Champion in the Gnat-weight Division.
When he was fourteen, the family was called back home to Ireland because of the impending death of his grandfather.

He quit school at fifteen and took a job at Nicholson and Bass printers and box makers on Alfred Street in Belfast as an apprentice commercial artist. He went to school for Graphic Design and worked in the business until his early thirties.

But the business end of Art burned him out and he moved to the Australian island of Tasmania and worked on silver jewelry and his paintings. He also held the distinction of being Australia's top harp maker and a leading exponent of the Celtic Harp. He lived there for 27 years.

George worked with Helena Rubenstein, where he designed and made the Helena Rubenstein Sterling Silver Silk Award statuette for fashion.  He now lives  in semi-retirement in the beautiful Medieval village of Lherm in France with his lovely wife, Stef.

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