Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Search for Elan Vital by Parker Kaufman

One of the most recent projects by our own Texas paper collage artist Parker Kaufman is this gorgeous knockout he calls The Search for Elan Vital

Parker said, "It is inspired by French philosopher, Henri Bergson's theory that the world is divided into Life (consciousness) and Matter. He asserts that life possesses an inherent creative impulse, elan vital, sometimes referred to as life force, which creates new forms as life seeks to impose itself on matter. It is a hypothetical explanation for evolution and the development of organisms, which he closely linked with the intuitive perception of experience and the flow of inner time. 

This piece is formed from 102 hand-cut yardstick pieces and affixed in layers to foam board. 18" x 24", titled The Search for Elan Vital by Parker Kaufman.

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