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Florentine Painter Federico Andreotti

Florentine Painter Federico Andreotti

Federico Andreotti  was born in Florence, Italy on March 8, 1847. His early studies in the arts were with Angiolo Tricca and Stefano Ussi at the Florentine Academy of the Fine Arts.

He is known as a prolific painter in the realistic genre, but he is famous for his aristocratic scenes.

He gained an appointment as a professor at the Academy at a young age. He painted many canvases in Florence, Rome, and other big Italian cities. 

He combined his artistic talent with his knowledge of the human anatomy. 

His paintings depicted the gentries aristocracy in their finest dress. The elaborate period dress and the sophisticated airs of his subjects gave his paintings a special air, sometimes described as Rococo Revival.

He is praised for his dramatic use of color in his paintings.

Federico died in 1930 in Florence. His work is widely sought after in auction houses in Europe.

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