Friday, February 23, 2018

The Art of Hilary Eddy

The Art of Hilary Eddy

Hilary Eddy was born in England and spent her childhood in Surrey, England, 
where her mother's love of colorful flowers and her father's broad appreciation 
of nature proved to have a profound influence on her artistic concerns and 

She attended college in North Wales 
where she was awarded the Douglas
 Williams Memorial Prize for Excellence
 in Art. She then came to the United 
States where she pursued her career 
at Purdue University, gaining her 
Masters of Arts degree in Fine Art in 

Hilary has held more than sixty solo exhibitions of her oil paintings 
nationally at museums, universities, and commercial art galleries, 
including the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. 

She has won over forty awards in national and regional exhibitions. including the Grand Prize and First Place Award in the experimental 
category in The Artist's Magazine, 
which had over 10,000 entries.

Her paintings have been featured in the major art publications like
American Art Collector, International Artist. The Artist's Magazine,
 and Art Crowd Magazine. I was captivated by her colored glass 
collection of oil paintings that you see here today. 

I stumbled upon Hilary's work while researching another art post. I was drawn in 

by a memory from my childhood that these beautiful pastel glass bottles and flowers
 evoked. It reminded me of my Aunt Rita's dressing table. Beautiful colored glass 
bottles of perfumes and cream and I don't know what else sat on an oval mirrored
 tray in the middle of her dressing table in their bedroom. It was a memory of classic 
beauty in a gentler time. 

I claim nothing here as my own. All information is from the website listed below. 
Check it out. Her work is fantastic!

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