Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Glimpse at Turkish Artist Fusun Urkun Sanatevi

I discovered the beautiful work of Fusun Urkun by accident while browsing through some art sites. I was taken by their gentle beauty. Her photo did not accompany the photos, and for some reason, I assumed she was Korean. 

Armed with a few photos and the incorrect assumption the artist was Korean, I searched and searched for more information. Unsuccessfully.

Many months passed before my searches discovered the lovely Fusun and more of her gentle, elegant paintings of everyday scenes. Cats, houseplants. Lace curtains. Beautiful women.

Fusun is a self-taught painter. She said she's been painting for as long as she can remember.  

Many others paint cats and flowers. But Fusun paints cats and flowers and plants and home scenes with an air of peace and harmony. I think that's what makes them so special.

I claim nothing here. My only wish is to introduce this lovely Turkish artist to my readership. 

I hope you love her work as much as I do. 


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