Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Beautiful Artwork of Texas Artist Rene Wiley

RenĂ© Wiley graduated from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX in 2983 with  Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts. 

She has won numerous awards in Texas and throughout the country.

In 2008 a hurricane destroyed her studio. Since then she began teaching and doing student workshops.

Renee is inspired by the geometric shapees of light, form, and shadow. Her signature used of thick oil paint and bright, bold color are impressive.

She spends more than 60 hours a week in her studio and usually has a new show every six to eight weeks. She is one of the most prolific oil painters in Texas.

She has successfully captured the magnificent historic architecture of the beautiful Galveston, Texas area, and well as seabirds and songbirds of the Gulf coast. 

She has a special way of bringing the dramatic harbors and estuaries of the area, as well as the open roads to life. 

"Galveston has remained a strong influence in my work. I was first attracted to the people enjoying the sand and saltwater, but after a few years the island landscape has inspired many paintings. In the last year, I have paid close attention to the quiet paths that run behind many of the beautiful houses. These humble landscape snare the authentic part od Galveston. The varied patterns of path, building, foliage, and sky combine to create ever changing designs. The Gulf Coast sky provides the essential lightt thet gives color orderry objects. The atmosphere illuminates the familiar and invites the observer to consider the simple beauty of our world. For me, painting is a form of hospitalty."    -Rene Wiley

Renee and her husband run her new Gallery located at the corner of 22nd Street and Postoffice Street, next door to MOD Coffeehouse in historic downtown Galveston, TX. If you're in the area, stop by. Phone number is 

Her two daughters, also artists, work there also. Rachel Wiley-Janota, who does mixed media landscapes and is a Hunter Art Prize finalist and younger sister Samantha Wiley does portrait and commission work. Very talented family!

Again, nothing here is mine. I claim nothing more than an admiration of Rene Wiley's beautiful work.

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