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The Cat Collier Mystery Short Story Series by Carol Ann Kauffman

Dear Gentle Readers,

The Cat Collier Mystery Short Story Series has grown! The newest Cat adventure, June Green Leaves of Deceit, is out!

In June Green Leaves of Deceit, Carter disappoints Cat in the worst possible way. She begins to doubt her worth. Can a new location bolster Cat’s self-confidence? Is she strong enough to move on with her life and let a new love in?

Will anyone ever replace Carter? Does she really want to replace him?

June Green Leaves of Deceit continues the adventures and misadventures of Mary Catherine Collier, known as Cat, as she opens a second online investigation office, far away from small town Heaton Valley, Ohio? And from the love and support she’s known there as well?

Cat knows she's not a very good detective. She's smart and gutsy. She can figure out her way around most online sites. And she's lucky. But is this enough? Can she make it on her own? 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Schedule for July 16 - 20, 2018


Tues., July 17 - BOOK The Cat Collier Mystery Short Story Series
by Carol Ann Kauffman  

Wed., July 18 - INTERVIEW with Paranormal Thriller
Author Susanne Leist

Thurs., July 19 - ART The Journey's End
by Parker Kaufman

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FREE Today! The Captain and the Ambassador

"Think Captain Janeway meets Casanova in space."

Dear Gentle Readers,

    My latest sci-fi romantic adventure is my best work yet! If you liked any of my books, you'll love this one. And if you haven't read any of them, this is the perfect place to jump in.

    AND The Captain and the Ambassador is FREE today on Amazon at https://tinyurl.com/ybku3l28 .

    "Carol, you've written twenty books? Why keep writing?"
        "Because I think I'm finally starting to see some             improvement!"

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Excerpt from The Captain and the Ambassador by Carol Ann Kauffman

Dear Gentle Readers,

The Captain and the Ambassador was a departure from my normal contemporary romantic adventure novels. And although the locale for most of the story is interplanetary space, the story revolves around two people: an ambassador retiring from a twenty-year career as a peace negotiator, and a starship captain who is considered the bad boy of the quadrant because he doesn't follow the rules. 

Here's a little excerpt:

Chapter One
                                             A New Passenger

“Captain Jacobs? Sir, big news. Ambassador Tull Redmond is meeting us at Bridgeport Seven tomorrow and will join us as ourpassenger all the way to Earth,” said second-in-command Commander Zack Mankewitz of the Earth Starship Giuseppe Verdi.
“Ambassador Redmond,” repeated the captain. “Oh, I’ve heard ofhim, Commander. He’s the peace, love, and hope guy. He’s the mostsuccessful intergalactic mediator in this quadrant. Wow, my very first five-star passenger. Yes, that is big news. I’m glad I didn’t miss him. High Council’s never trusted me with a big wig before.”
“Yes, sir. I know.”
“So, the ambassador and I will be going home to Earth at the same time. Well, I’m not sure the Ambassador is Earthite, I justassumed. Is he retiring, too, I wonder?
“Well, sort of. From what I hear the ambassador refused to sign another ten-year contract, so resigning from intergalactic mediation isthe only other option. You two are lucky ducks.”
“Luck had nothing to do with it, Commander. It’s plain, old- fashioned endurance. Any special dietary requests? I heard the ambassador was a vegan.”
“No. No special food requests, but a full bathroom in quarters, and the ambassador is a woman. She’s also requested a room with a space view.”
“You’re kidding me? I’ve seen him, eh, her, from a distance. Short, pale, roundish, light-colored hair slicked back or something. Hair was hardly noticeable. Wears a big, long, hooded, monk-like robe. Kind of like a roundish beige ball. A non-sexual being.”
“Does that matter?”
“No, I guess not. The ambassador gets the job done. A full bathand a view, huh? Well, there is only one accommodation like thataboard this ship, and that’s mine. Damn. My first five-star passenger and she kicks me out of my quarters. Oh, well. Go ahead and assignher to Captain’s Quarters, Commander. She’ll enjoy the view in thesitting area as well as the full bath. I’ll take the quarters next to mine. I don’t mind sonic showers. I’ll move my things over this evening.”
“Do you need help, sir?”

“No, thanks, Zack. I don’t have much to move. But send someonein to give the place a good cleaning and shine it up a bit. Change all the linens. Put a little welcome note or something inside. I want my first and only five-star passenger to be impressed with her deluxe accommodations, if nothing else, on this tugboat for her four-month stay with us on her way back home.”
“Yes, sir,” chuckled Mankewitz.
“Ambassador Redmond, welcome to the Giuseppe Verdi, a classone intergalactic Earth Starship. It is my pleasure to have you aboard,ma’am.”
“Thank you, Captain Jacobs.”
“You’re my first f
ive-star passenger in a twenty-year career.” “Yes, I’ve heard. I’ve been duly warned.”
“You have?” Captain Jacobs laughed.
“Yes. High Council strongly urged me to wait for the next

Earthbound starship, which is scheduled for early next year. They say you are the juvenile delinquent of the quadrant. They say you think therules don’t apply to you and you love to defy authority.”
“And yet, you came aboard my ship anyway. You are a brave soul as well as a successful negotiator, Ambassador.”
“Thank you, Captain. I’m not afraid of bad boys. Your safety record is exemplary. You’ve never lost a passenger or crew member.Upper management may not admire your quirky leadership skills, or your less than organized reports, but your crew holds you in the highest esteem. So, you like to bend the rules a bit, big deal. You like tocut through the nonsense, that’s fine with me. You allow your crew to become far too familiar with you...”
“And my passenger, too,” he winked, “if you’re interested.”
She ignored it. “You hate quarterly reports, so what? All I ask isthat you get me to Earth in one piece.”
“Thank you for your confidence in me. I promise I’ll get youthere, safe and sound. And I promise to be on my best behavior whileyou’re aboard my ship. May I escort you to your quarters?”
“Yes, thank you, Captain.”
“Were you born on Earth, Ambassador?”
“Yes. Eagle’s Landing, Ohio. Midwest United States.”
“And your parents, they were both from Earth?”
“Are you a member of a religious order then, Ambassador?”

“No, Captain. What made you think that?”
“The ‘peace love, joy’ stuff. The non
-violence lifestyle. The robe.” “So, you have something against peace, love, joy, and non-

violence, Captain Jacobs?”
“No, ma’am, I do not,” he giggled. “Maybe the robe, though.” “I’ve been a m
ember of the Society of Peace and Light for the last

six years. It’s not a religious order, Captain. It’s a chosen lifestyle.” “And what exactly does that particular chosen lifestyle entail?
Yoga? Essential oils? Meditation? Veganism? Celibacy? Power crystals?Tea leaf readings? Tinfoil head cones?”
“I’ll forward you some information on the society if you’re interested. It was very helpful to me while I was mediating.”
“And now that you’re leaving intergalactic mediation, what will you do?”
“Now I’ll be making some changes.”
“If one of those changes happens to be a big, juicy burger on a toasted homemade bun with melted cheese and all the fixings, I’m your man.” He winked again. “I grill them up for my crew on Thursdays inthe dining room and you are invited.”
“You get ground beef out here?”
“Domesticated livestock from whatever’s in the area. We haven’t had Earth meat for so long, we’ve all forgotten what it tastes like. Right now, Resa, our cook, has a supply of Plumarian yak. Yummy.”
“Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind, Captain.”
“And your Earth parents from Ohio? They named you...Tull?” “Getting rather personal already, aren’t we? What is your first

name, Captain?”
“Ben. Benjamin Joseph Jacobs. My childhood friends called me

BJ. Or Beej. And your first name is ...?”
The Ambassador remained quiet.
They came to the Ambassador’s new quarters.
“Here we are, Ambassador. It is the finest accommodation aboard

the Verdi. Full bath, quiet, away from the noise of engineering and the recreation hall. Observation window in the sitting area overlooking the beautiful blackness of space. Just as you requested. The rooms arespacious. And that’s a great bed,” he pointed.
“Thank you. It’s just perfect. And now if you don’t mind, Captain, I’m thoroughly exhausted. I’d like to rest now.”

“Of course. Digital control panel here. It’s also voice-activated. I’ll help you set it up later this evening, after you’ve rested. And when you’re ready for a little walk outside on the pressurized deck, I’ll be happy to take you. But we’ll need to be tethered to the platform. Any atmospheric disturbance, no matter how small, could weaken the edgesand send you catapulting into space.”
“Yes. Thank you. Goodbye now.” She motioned toward the door.
“Yes, I’m going. Now. I’ll see you later. Please feel free to call upon me for anything you may need during your stay with us. Have apleasant rest, Ambassador.”
“Well, Captain, what do you think of the Ambassador?” whispered Zack when he met Ben walking down the corridor back toward the Bridge.
“You know, I like her.”
“Oh, that’s a surprise,” teased Zack.
“No. This is different. She’s different. She’s...more. A strange

combination of Mother Earth and a 1960’s Flower Child Peace-nik and something else I can’t quite put my finger on.”
“Yet.” Zack laughed. “But I’m sure you will.”
“She has a serenity about her. Interesting person. But that robe? Ugh.”
“I think maybe you want to get a peek at what’s under that huge yardage of beige material,” giggled Zack.
“No, Commander. That’s completely ridiculous. Well, maybe alittle bit.”
An hour later, the Captain returned to the Ambassador’s quartersand rang the Enter button.
“Ambassador? It’s me, Captain Jacobs. May I come in?” 
“No, thank you, Captain.”
“Did you have a nice rest?”
“Not yet.”

“I’d like to talk to you for a moment. May I enter?”
“Not now, Captain.”
“It’ll only take a moment.”
“Captain, what do you want?”

“I...I would like to help you set up the digital system with your own voice command. It’s a little tricky.”
“It’s done.”

“You did it yourself?”
“Yes, Captain. It wasn’t difficult.”
“Well, okay then. How about some dinner? Are you hungry? I can

show you the way to the dining room.”
“There’s a map on the ship’s digital home screen.”
“So there is. I just thought...”
“Captain, please forgiven my bluntness, but I am tired and I’m not

in the mood for company.”
“But I think you may be hungry. I’ve noticed women tend to get

angry, aggravated, and maybe a little curt when they get hungry.”   “And dealing with a persistent sexist middle manager doesn’t lead
to anger, aggravation, and curtness aboard your ship, Captain?”     “Sexist? Middle manager? I assure you I am not a... I was only
trying to...”
“Captain, listen to me very carefully. Go. Away.” 

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Interview with Author Marta Moran Bishop

Marta Moran Bishop

Good morning, Marta, and welcome to Vision and Verse, the place for Art and Authors. It is a pleasure to have you with us today. What have you written?
Four adult poetry books, Two Children’s Poetry Books, A Novel named Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal (which one an award in the EQUUS FILM FESTIVAL. Four Novellas and Three short stories.

What is your favorite genre to write? 
Whatever I am writing at the time, but I need to have some form of hope or happy in the ending. I like to stretch myself. I’ve written books told from POV animal. Paranormal, Dystopian, Historical Fiction, Fantasy and am working on a ghost story, as well as a murder mystery.
I believe that a poem can be a very short story, a short story can be a very short novella and a novella a very short novel. That there is a progression that one takes, and it depends on how long the story takes to tell.
Sometimes the story is told in a poem, sometimes it is finished in a short story or a novella, and sometimes it takes many more words to tell it. Though, three of my novellas are becoming two different series as though, the story was told it later became clear that there was more that needed telling or another character needed its own book.

Favorite food. 
It is easier to say what I dislike. Lima Beans, and Sauerbraten. I love most foods and it depends on my mood what is my favorite.

Tea or coffee? 
Black coffee in the morning, later herbal iced tea.

Pizza or ice cream? 

Wine or beer?

Where would you like to visit? 
Egypt and Ireland

Favorite musical artist.
Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, BackStreet Boys, Garth Brooks, Artie Shaw, Bob Solone, Beatles, Hollies, Billie Holiday, Tribal Winds.

Do you listen to music when you write?
Not usually as I am pulled into the story and lose myself.
If I did, it would depend upon what I was writing and whether that artist would help put me in the frame of mind for the story.

What makes you laugh?
The antics of my animals, British humor. I’m not big on slapstick.

This is an Art AND Author website, so I am obliged to ask: Favorite work of art or sculpture.
The Wood Scrapers by Gustave Caillebotte

How old were you when you started writing? 

Do you plan out your book with outlines and notecards? Or just write?
I just write, the story or poem forms in my mind and it flows from my hands as I type. It is as if it comes from outside of me.

Describe your perfect evening.
A glass of wine or tea, in the summer on the deck or patio, soft music, in the winter a fire going. Or riding my horses or playing with the cats.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Local events, an animal, the feel of a winters day, history, or just something I heard or listened to.

What do you do when you get a writer's block?
Work on animation or book trailers for my cousin.

Who is your favorite author?
In Science Fiction – Andre Norton. In Fantasy – JK Rowlings. In mysteries or thrillers – Robert Whitehill or Robert Walker. In classics Shakespeare or Jane Austin.

Best book you ever read. 
The one that made me continue to think years later.

Last book you read.
When Lightning Strikes the Cottonwoods by Lisa L Borm

What would you do for a living if you weren’t a writer?

Who is the one person who has influenced your personal life the most and why?
My mother and my husband. My mother was a reader and writer and my husband who is my support.

If you could sit down and have a conversation with ONE person, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be and why?
Cleopatra – I’d want to know who she really was as a person.

What advice would you give someone who aspired to be a writer?
Keep writing, don’t stop, read everything you can, as you do not know what will help you become better.

Do you have some links for us to follow you?
Social Media:
@moranbishop on twitter

Note: I will have the revised and expanded edition of book 1 of the Divide (Darkness Descends) a dystopian book, using events from the 1930’s forward. Book 2 of the series was written first and will have a new cover. The two will be a box set, by late July or early August.

We look forward to it, Marta. Come back and see us anytime.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Illuminated Paper Sculptures of Sophie and Fred

The Illuminated Paper Sculptures 
of Sophie and Fred 

I wish I could find more on these two fabulous artists, Sophie Mouton-Perrat 
and Frederic Guibrunet. This work is fantastic.

Once again, I claim nothing here as my own. I just thought this unusual work 
needed to be shared.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Schedule for July 9 -13, 2018


Tues., July 10 - ART The Illuminated 
Sculptures of Sophie and Fred

Wed., July 11 - INTERVIEW with Author
Marta Moran Bishop

Thurs., July 12 - BOOK The Captain and the Ambassador 
by Carol Ann Kauffman 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Captive by Scarlett Flame

#99p/99cents Kindle Countdown for Award Winning dark Romance 

"From Willing Sub To Enslaved Captive"

From 6th July - 10th July in UK & US

The Blurb:

After discovering her submissive nature, Suzie Foster finds a Dom who she believes can give her everything she needs. 
But after a time, his attitude and treatment begin to change. 
Even with her limited experience in the Lifestyle, Suzie knows she has to end their Dom/sub relationship. 
Then, just when things seem to be going right for Suzie, she is taken from her life and held captive. 
Will Suzie ever get to experience the true Dom/sub relationship she seeks? 
Or is the life of an enslaved captive; at the hands of a cruel Dom, the last thing she will ever know?

**BE WARNED: Some descriptions are vivid and can be a trigger for sensitive readers.

**Sexual Content
**Suitable for ages 18 and over

Add Captive to Goodreads TBR

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 starsOutrageously thrilling.

ByAnthony Mcmanuson March 1, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

A terrific and outrageous romp. Outrageous? For sure. Scarlett Flame sets the page on fire. How can she write this stuff? But I’m glad she has as it’s so exciting.

Though not the main ingredient of my reading diet, I’ve been reading erotica since I was sixteen. In those days it was illegal, under the counter in plain brown covers stuff. My first encounter was with a novel called, ‘The Libertine’ translated from French and printed in France. I read it at night under the bedclothes and hid it among innocent boy’s books, terrified that my mother would find it. Nowadays anything goes.

I still read erotica, but it has to be good. And I know very quickly if it isn’t. And so much of it isn’t. This one is. For a start it has a credible and original story, fleshed out believable characters and a delightful protagonist in Suzie. I fell in love with Suzie, and her adventure held me spellbound. I should add that it’s a very well written novel.

I enjoyed the book immensely and recommend it highly. I look forward to more of Scarlett Flame.

As a writer of thrillers, I have to say that writing erotica is not an easy genre. Many writers think it is. They see it as easy way to make a quick income on the side. That’s why there is so much junk out there. I would never attempt it. I recognize my limitations. Writing erotica is like playing the violin. You do it very well or not at all.

on October 11, 2017
Deliciously dark romance that fairly sizzles off the page! I found Suzie’s tale utterly enthralling
and there’s a lovely realism about this book that is generally lacking in others. It’s clear
the author knows her subject well!

Anyway, if you love it dark with generous lashings of kink and BDSM - you are going to adore

★*´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)

(¸.• ** #FREE to read with #KindleUnlimited

Available in paperback

#DarkRomance #Suspense #Thriller

#Spanking #HotRomance #Menage

#BDSM Dom/sub

International Amazon Top 100 Paid

Winner in The Best Indie Published Book 2017

Nominee for a Golden Flogger Award

Go on ... treat yourself...

You won't regret it

Love n stuff



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A Note from Carol

Dear Gentle Readers,

     Happy Fourth of July to all. Vision and Verse is taking a few days off, probably the whole week.
    I am feeling introspective on this most American of all holidays. We are not today what we have been in the past.
    Give us some time to get things in order and we will return to being that warm, welcoming country, that beacon of hope and freedom the world knows us to be. 
    Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I hope you are safe and free and with those you love. 
    Life is short, my dears. Enjoy the sunshine, the flowers, the beautiful sky. Go read a book. Listen to someone, something somewhere with the intent of learning, not simply responding.  Tell the ones you love you love them. You may not get that chance tomorrow.
    I need some time off. We are not a team here anymore. I still say 'We at Vision and Verse', but it is actually me at Vision and Verse. I need to recharge. See you soon.