Thursday, August 23, 2018

ART: "The Backside of Reality " by Texas Collage Artist Parker Kaufman

Dear Gentle Readers,

I am thrilled to post a new art piece from our own Parker Kaufman today. 

As you know, Parker and I started Vision and Verse over five years ago. He was the Vision to my Verse. 

Parker stepped away from Vision and Verse to work full-time on his art. But he comes back to visit us every now and then. 

Here is "The Backside of Reality" by Parker Kaufman.

"Imagine that there is another side to reality, another plane of existence?

Imagine that the inhabitants of one plane could look through into the other? How would one view the other side? 

Would it appear as those on that side see it? Or would it be different, distorted, or incomprehensible? 

"Inspired by a recent exhibit of works by famed surrealist, Rene Magritte, I composed this 20' x24" work.

It is entitled, 'The Backside of Reality,' by Parker Kaufman, 01-27-18.

 The piece is composed of 50 hand-cut yardstick and poster board pieces affixed to foam board."

                                                                -Parker Kaufman

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