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SCHEDULE: Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, 2019

Mon., Sept. 30 - BOOK REVIEW:
Bounder Redeemed by Alison Jean Ash
Tues., Oct. 1 - FOOD:
Recipe - Easy Pumpkin Cake
Wed, Oct.2 - ART: Ode to Mexico
by Parker Kaufman
Thurs., Oct. 3 - ENTERTAINMENT:
Amazon Prime Video - Carnival Row
Series, Season 1
Fri., Oct. 4 - BOOKS: The Belterra Saga
BELTERRA and Dark Return 
by Carol Ann Kauffman

Friday, September 27, 2019

BOOK: A Woman Named Hope from Through the Darkness, Stories of Hope

A Woman Named Hope
By Carol Ann Kauffman

Growing up on the outskirts of a small town of Colabina in central Italy long ago, little Maria Theresa Orvienta would walk with her father, Nick, through the olive groves while he told her stories of his youth. She loved the way the warm breeze rustled through the silvery leaves of the olive trees, gently singing songs no one else could hear but her. They sang, “Be happy” and “Life is beautiful.” They sang of the idyllic small town life, and the importance of trees and sunshine and love and family.
“You are doing well in your studies, yes?”
“Yes, Papa.”
“Your teacher says you are the star of the class. Your English is perfect.”
“Thank you, Papa.”
“Mrs. Lynch is a very good teacher. She is from a very fine family in Cleveland, Ohio. You need to keep it up. You and me and Mama, we are going to go to America, very soon I hope.”
“I don’t want to go across the ocean to live. I like it right here.”
“Maria Theresa, there is no country like America! The whole world is open to you if you work hard and keep your nose clean. It is the country of freedom and opportunity.”
“Mama says you are having a pipe dream.”
“Sometimes your mama talks too much. She must keep our plans secret, and so should you. Look at all these beautiful olive trees. Soon we will have many olives. We will have olive oil galore. Much money will be made this year. All of my debts will finally be paid off, financial and otherwise, and we can get out of here. 
“I never wanted to grow olives. I wanted to grow grapes. I wanted to have my own winery. Maybe someday, I’ll have my own vineyards in America. We’ll make wine. We’ll call it Lucky Nicky Winery. That’s a lofty dream for a boy who grew up poor. You know, when I was a child, my parents were so poor that they had to steal the fruit from the neighbors’ trees at night just to feed us children.”
 “Ahh, that makes me so sad, Papa. Were you always hungry as a boy?”
 “No, my little one. Either I felt good or I felt bad. I didn’t know enough to know the reason why. I ate very little as a boy. But I make up for it now,” Papa laughed.
“Yes, you do. Mama says you are getting a tummy.”
“Oh, don’t listen to her. Men are supposed to be big and broad so they can protect their families. Who’s afraid of a skinny guy waving a pitchfork? Huh? Nobody!”
Maria Theresa laughed and nodded. She looked up at her tall handsome curly-haired father and thought he was the most magnificent man in the world.
“Sometimes we as a family had to run and hide in the foothills from evil marauders who wanted to do harm to our women and kill all the men.”
“Are the evil marauders still around, Papa?” Maria Theresa scanned the area for movement.
“Yes, angel, but they have different names and different faces. They don’t roam the hillsides anymore. But they’re still out there, preying on the innocent, and stealing what doesn’t belong to them. I think we will always have bad, power-hungry men in the world. You must learn to recognize evil.”
“Evil is mean and ugly,” she said with her hands on her hips, with all the confidence and conviction of an eight-year old.
“No, honey. It’s not that easy. Sometimes something very bad can look good. Sometimes evil can look very pretty to us. It does all the right things and says all the right things, but for all of the wrong reasons. You must learn to trust what your heart and your soul tell you so you can know the difference.”
Maria Theresa slipped her hand into her father’s big hand bronzed from the sun. “I’m scared, Papa.”
“Don’t be scared. I don’t tell you these things to frighten you, little one. I tell you so you’ll be armed with the truth. You need to know these things. You aren’t a baby anymore.”
“No, I’m not,” she affirmed. “I will soon be nine.”
“Trust your feelings. Don’t let people take advantage of your sweet and gentle nature. Tell the truth. Lies beget lies. One lie leads to another and another. Know that, no matter what, God will not desert you. And when things get dark and scary, never give up the hope that good days will return.”
“Never give up hope. Okay, Papa. I won’t.”
“Sweet girl,” Papa said sadly as he squeezed her small hand, “there is a chance things will get dark and scary…very soon.”
A chill overtook Maria Theresa. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Her stomach lurched.
“Listen to your mama. Be a good girl. Don’t believe everything people tell you. Trust your gut. Keep up with your studies. It is better to be on the quiet side than to talk too much.” 
“Okay, Papa.”
They walked back to the little stone house in silence.

Dear Gentle Readers,
Above in an excerpt of A Woman Named Hope. It is part of an inspirational anthology called Through the Darkness, Stories of Hope. It has been a source of great joy and comfort to its readers. If you find yourself in need of inspiration, check out this anthology. It is available on and at your local library.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A NOTE FROM. CAROL: Pick of the Week - NETFLIX: Supernova

Okay, I'll admit I only decided to watch this film because Lou Diamond Phillips was in it. I think he is an outstanding actor. And I'm having Henry Standing Bear Withdrawal (Longmire). 

However, I was pleasantly surprised.  James Spader and Angela Bassett were also terrific in this sci-fi melodrama about a medical ship that encounters a terrifying consequence.


Friday, September 20, 2019

BOOK: The Cat Collier Mysteries by Carol Ann Kauffman

The Cat Collier Mystery Series

Mary Catherine Collier, better known as Cat, wrote obituaries for the small-town local newspaper, the Heaton Valley Herald. She interviewed the senior citizens as to their accomplishments, likes, and hobbies. She kept these on file in case they won the lottery or the Nobel Peace Prize or something, or more likely, got involved in a scandal. She was also the sole member of the research department. She liked the quiet solitude of research work and was extremely tech savvy.

While she was in college, she dreamed of teaching in the local school system. Heaton Valley residents were wholesome, dedicated parents who valued a good education and the local schools were held in high esteem. The teachers were happy to go to work every day. The children were happy and safe in their school setting. And the community as a whole took pride in all the many varied accomplishments of the students.

Then something happened. Schools lost their place of honor as bastions of education and safety. They became gripped with fear. Test-taking and building security measures replaced the absolute joys of learning and discover.

It was then Cat began to rethink her career decision. She decided that, if the Heaton Valley Herald ever went belly-up, she’d open her own investigation business. With her laptop, an internet connection, and a big cup of coffee, she could find out almost anything online. There was no longer the need for any actual physical investigation, no high speed chases, no tailing or stalking, nothing dangerous. Just quiet, simple clicks.

Then one day Cat was called to the penthouse apartment of the city’s very rich, most influential lawyer, Detrick Bittmor. He had a very personal assignment for her. It involved a mysterious young man who sat on a park bench every day at noon and stared up at Bittmor’s top floor apartment

Cat had a soft spot for this lawyer with a nasty reputation. There was something about this old man she liked, and even found charming.

Detrick Bittmor thought the young man on the park bench resembled a younger version of himself. He thought this young man could possibly be his son from an affair he had many years ago with a beautiful New Year lawyer. This man could be his only heir.

And old man Bittmor wasn’t getting any younger.

And so began… the Cat Collier Mystery series.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A NOTE FROM CAROL: NETFLIX Pick of the Week: Okja

Dear Gentle Readers,

One word. Okja. It's a South Korean film that's a cross between the dangers of GMOs and a boy and his dog film. Except it's a girl and her massive giant bio-engineered pig.

And it's wonderful. Tilda Swenson plays big business mogul twins. and Jake Gyllenhal is the mad scientist who is fun and funny and totally unrecognizable.

Please don't let the subtitles frighten you off. It is well worth the effort to read them. The music and cinematography are charming.


Friday, September 13, 2019

BOOK: July Fireworks Sky by Carol Ann Kauffman

July Fireworks Sky

The seventh in the serial story of Cat Collier, a small-town girl who opens her own investigation service in the sleepy little town of Heaton Valley in Northeast Ohio.

In July Fireworks Sky, the seventh book in the Cat Collier Mystery Short Story series, private investigator Mary Catherine Collier, known as Cat, finds herself in a disturbing, life-altering situation related to her brother’s trial. The outcome will have far reaching effects for not only herself, but Carter, Spencer, and others.

The location for this cozy mystery bounces back and forth from her quiet, sleepy hometown of Heaton Valley, Ohio to New York City, where Cat has another branch of her detective agency and a wonderful, new love. 

Will Cat finally find the honesty she’s looking for? 

Amazon Buy Link:

But wait! Read an excerpt before you buy:

Chapter One 
Clearly No Carter

My cell phone rang. It was the delightful Spencer Paxton.
“Good morning,” he said warmly. I could hear him smile. I could see his sweet smile in my mind’s eye. “Welcome back to Cardinal Park. We all missed you. Was it a rough flight in this morning?”
“Yes, it was a bumpy ride through the storm. But we made it,” I answered.
“Yes, I brought Nola with me to work on the Tenants vs. Miller Apartment Complex case. We finally got a preliminary hearing date next week. I need to be ready. I need a fresh viewpoint on this one. Nola has an eye for detail.”
“I hope you guys never decide to gang up on me.”
“As long as I’m your only tenant, I think you’re safe.” 
“Would you like to come up and have lunch with me today? Say around 1:00? You can bring Nola. You can bring Skamp, too, if you want. I’ll send down the elevator.”
“Matteo has lunch with his grandmother every day. She looks forward to some private time with her grandson. Besides, he’s afraid of you. But Nola and I would love to come up for lunch. See you soon.”
“Soon,” said Spencer. Again, I heard the smile.
“That’s her little gentleman friend on the phone,” said Cat’s New York assistant Matteo Skampotti. “I can tell by her smile. Have you ever meet him yet?” 
Nola shook her head no. 
“I’ve seen him, but never actually spoke to him. Blond guy. Kind of short. A little skittish, but he seems very nice. 
“He’s good for her,” continued Matteo. “He sends her flowers, phones her during the day, and makes her smile. She’s forgetting about that stupid idiot who treated her so badly. What a damn shithead he must be. She’s laughing more. She’s making jokes. I think she’s happy, much happier now than when she first came to Cardinal Park.”

“Nola, I think I’ll call Jean Houston to see if she’ll come over and help us sew up this case. This isn’t her field, but she has a sharp, legal mind.”
“Will she tell Carter?”
“No. She can keep a confidence.”
“So can I, you know that, right?”
“I know.”
“I didn’t tell Carter where to find you.”
“I know you didn’t. I don’t know how he found me.”
“I do. He said he saw you get in a cab at the airport. He had his cab follow you here. They almost lost you twice speeding down the street. Classic car chase excitement. He told Detrick all about it while I acted like a disinterested third party.”
I changed the subject. Normally the tale of taxi cab chasing taxi cab frantically through the crowded streets of New York City in an attempt to reunite separated lovers would have sent my heart racing. But not today.
“By the way, we’ve been invited to Spencer’s apartment for lunch. Want to go?”
“Before we go upstairs, I have to tell you a little about Spencer Paxton?”
“Is he cute? Is he rich?”
“He’s complicated.”
“So he’s not cute. And he’s not rich.”
“Be serious. He has issues.”
“Is this like a ‘Don’t stare at his giant hump’ issue?”
“Visible third eye?”
“No.  He’s a hermit.”
“So a hermit in New York City invited us up to his apartment for lunch. Are we on the menu?”
“I said hermit, not cannibal. Will you cut it out? He’s very sweet. And I like him. I like him a whole lot. Let’s go.”
Nelson ushered us into the dining room. The table was set for four. 
“Please be seated, ladies. Mr. Paxton will be out momentarily. Coffee?”
“Yes, please,” Nola and I said in unison.
Nelson left the room.
“Are things always so formal around her?” asked Nola. “Look at those beautiful beveled glass windows.  This tray ceiling is gorgeous. Oh, my goodness, I love this china! It’s so beautiful. I feel like I’m having lunch at Downton Abbey, but with just us and the butler sneaking us into the dining room.”
“Well, there she is,” said Spencer as he crossed the room to give me a warm hug. “I missed you.” He gave me a soft squeeze. “And this must be Miss White. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you. Welcome to my home,” Spencer extended a hand to Nola.
Nola shook his hand. “Thank you, Mr. Paxton.”
“Call me Spencer, please.”
“Nola,” Nola smiled.
Nelson carried in a tray of salads and bread sticks and sat it in the center of the table. Then he sat down across from Nola.
“Nola White, this is Paul Nelson.” 
Nelson nodded. 
“So tell me, Nola, is this your first visit to New York City?” asked Spencer as he passed the salads.
“Don’t judge the whole city by our little neighborhood,” said Nelson. “We’ve seen better days. Much better days. Are you originally from Ohio, too, Nola?” 
“No. I’m from Pennsylvania. An employment placement service sent me to Heaton Valley for a job interview as office manager for Steel Man Trucking. I got the job and ended up staying there.”
“How long are you in town?” asked Nelson.
“Only for the day. I came to help Cat with a local case.”
“We have some great museums in the area. Maybe the next time you come to town, you can stay a little longer. I’d be happy to show you around.”
“Why, thank you, Paul,” said Nola. “That’s very sweet of you.”
“Mary Catherine prefers a light lunch on days she’s busy. I hope you don’t mind.”
“Are you kidding? I’m not a picky eater. I eat cupcakes right out of the plastic container. Yes, a big lunch puts Cat to sleep. Lunch here, no matter what, is a treat. You have a lovely apartment, Spencer.”
“Thank you,” Spencer answered with a smile.
“So, Nola, what do you think of Spencer?” I asked.  
“He’s a sweet, little man. He’s obviously taken with you. He didn’t take his eyes off you once,” said Nola. “He gives you that ‘I’m obviously interested in you’ look. I don’t get any bad vibes from him or anything. He’s not a serial killer with dead bodies stuffed in plastic bags stashed behind that beautiful wood paneling. He seems safe enough.”
“However?” I added. I knew there was more she wanted to say.
“But he’s clearly no Carter Larsen. You can’t possibly be romantically interested in him after what you had with Carter. Child, what’s the matter with you?”
“I am romantically interested in him. I’m growing fonder of him every day. He doesn’t simply tell me what he thinks I want to hear. It’s not all sweet talk and hot hormones. He doesn’t have that magic touch that makes me forget what I’m thinking or how to think or what my name is. He’s willing and able to talk things out. He’s mature. He’s an adult. He’s honest with me.”
“Oh, yeah, that’s it. He’s honest. And he also doesn’t have the gorgeous underwear model ex-girlfriend Yvette who’s still hung up on him. In fact, for the last ten years, I’m guessing Mr. Butterfly Cups has had no girlfriend at all. So, he can’t cheat on you with his ex.”
“Well, I guess that’s a possibility.” I rubbed my head to shake away Nola’s logic. “But when I’m with Carter, I can’t think straight. I see him, I hear him talk, and I’m carried away on some hormonally dense love-lust cloud machine. All I want is to be with him. Nothing else matters.”
“What’s the matter with hormones? Our species would have died out by now if it weren’t for those hormones.”
“Don’t dislike Spencer, Nola.”
“Oh, I don’t dislike him, but I think you’re seeing qualities in little Mr. Spencer Paxton that aren’t really there. He’s a nice, older gentleman. He has very good manners. A gorgeous, old apartment. And beautiful china. That’s it. Oh, God, you aren’t sleeping with him, are you?”
“Well, that’s good.”
“Not yet.”

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A NOTE FROM CAROL: NETFLIX Pick of the Week - Better Than Us

 From Decider:
 This is a Russian family drama involving a disgraced surgeon, his wife who's left him and is moving out of the country, their children, and a very lovely robot. There is a big unscrupulous company and a number of bad guys. The robots, who will be taking the majority of jobs and sending the Russian population into "Early Retirement", follow the prime directive - robots do to kill humans. Supposedly.

I liked it. It reminded me of Humans on BBC, where the robots were sometimes more human than the humans. I especially like the household robot who... never mind. Watch it.

Friday, September 6, 2019

BOOK: June Green Leaves of Deceit by Carol Ann Kauffman

Join Cat Collier is this serial mystery short story series, described as a cross between Nancy Drew and Mike Hammer.

Carter disappoints Cat in the worst possible way. She begins to doubt her worth. Can a new location bolster Cat’s self-confidence? Is she strong enough to let a new love in?

June Green Leaves of Deceit continues and adventures and misadventures of Mary Catherine Collier, known as Cat, as she opens a second online investigation office, away from Heaton Valley and the love and support she’s known there. Can she make it on her own? 

Amazon Buy Link:

But, wait! Read an excerpt before you buy:

Chapter One
Gauze and Breeze

It was a perfect June morning in northeastern Ohio. The sun illuminated the periwinkle sky as a gentle breeze fluttered through the open window of my gorgeous office on the eighth floor of the beautiful Palazzo Castellano, a hotel situated in the center of downtown Heaton Valley. Perfect morning. Perfect office. Perfect little town.
So why was I so damn miserable? 
I have everything a girl could want. I’m living my dream. I have my own private online investigation business in a big, beautiful office that adjoins the office of a sweet, handsome lawyer who just happens to love me to pieces. I have a new car, gorgeous clothes, and a huge rock of an engagement ring so big I could use to put out an eye in a street fight. I have a wonderful circle of friends and family who love and support me in whatever I do. I am my own boss. Nobody tells me what to do. 
So then… why the misery?
I don’t know. Because I’m not the person I used to be, maybe. My motto has always been honesty is the best policy. But one lie led to two, then four, and they continued to grow at an alarming rate. I almost needed to carry around a notebook to write down my lies in order to keep them straight. But I was afraid I’d lose it, someone would find it, and discover my deceit.
I’m no longer the honest human being I thought I was. Lately, I lie to people on a daily basis. I lie to my mother. I told her I met Kayko in Los Angeles last year at the newspaper convention. I told her there was nothing serious going on between Kayko and my brother Dane. I told her Kayko would probably be going back to California soon. 
My wonderful fiancĂ© whom I adore? Yes, I lie to him, too. Of course, you can come with me, Carter. And no, I’m not up to anything. And I nurture those lies and cuddle up to them and keep them warm. 
I am keeping the truth from my brother Dane about his new girlfriend, Kayko. He thinks she’s a little wounded bird. And he is dead-set on saving this orphaned waif. Little does he know, she not an orphan. She has family and a betrothed in China. She was part in a human trafficking ring. She lived as a homeless person on the streets of Detroit. And her name is made up, like every other part of her life.
I lied to my client Jack Harlan. I know who the father of his girlfriend’s daughter is, and it’s not some dead Italian Art professor. Lystra’s father is very much alive and is an extremely dangerous criminal. And as far as keeping his fiancĂ©e Simone out of the loop? Well, guess what, she knows everything.
And I lied to Kayko. Sure, I can get you papers so you can stay in the country legally. Sure, I can keep you safe. Sure, I can hide you from international sex trade criminals.
I took a deep breathe. Stop it, Cat. Everybody tells a few untruths every now and then, don’t they? Maybe I was blowing this whole honesty crisis out of proportion. Maybe a walk in the park across the street would clear my head and help me feel better. I pulled on my jacket and put my wallet and keys in my pocket. 

Just then I heard the sound of stiletto heels clicking on the tile floor, slowly, deliberately, almost seductively, into Carter’s adjoining office. He likes to keep the door between our two offices open in case I get into trouble. He believes private investigation tends to draw out the most unsavory of characters and he worries about my safety. I peeked around the corner.
The most gorgeous girl I ever saw in my life was standing in Carter’s office. A beautiful face framed with long, flowing, shiny brown curls gazed at Carter. Her hands on her hips, feet apart, her tiny gauzy dress blowing slightly in the breeze. Skin, hair, figure, nails, outfit - all perfect.
“Hello, Lover,” the beautiful creature purred.
“Yvette!” called Carter.
Yvette. Of course, my finance’s ex-girlfriend had to be the most beautiful girl in the world.
“What are you doing here?” Carter said in shock.
“I miss you, Rick,” she cooed as she walked runway-style around his desk. 
I hid around the corner, plastering myself to the wall, trying to calm myself. I peeked around slowly.
She pulled open his bottom desk drawer.
“What are you want?” Carter asked.
“Isn’t it obvious? I want… you. I want you back.”
Yvette put her foot up on the bottom drawer. The sun streaming through the window left nothing to the imagination. Little Miss Yvette, the beautiful underwear model, wasn’t wearing any.
“Yvette, I’m engaged to a …
She reached over and grasped his hand. She placed his hand gently on her uppermost inner thigh, then slid it up.
Carter moaned. 
I knew that particular moan. I knew it very well. I held my stomach. I thought I was going to puke. I needed to get out of the office. I couldn’t bear to stand here and listen to her… to them… I slipped off my shoes and quietly made for my office door.
Once in the hallway, I ran to the elevator at break-neck speed. I went up to our penthouse apartment. I just made it into the bathroom. Crying and puking. Heaving and sobbing.
I knew it! I just knew the someday he’d want his old life back. Big Manhattan lawyer with his underwear model Barbie Doll of a girlfriend. Why would he be satisfied with this boring, little hick-town existence? With me? Why was I surprised? I knew it was coming. More sobs, more heaves. 
I threw some clothes in a suitcase and found some shoes. I placed my big, beautiful, heart-shaped diamond engagement ring in the center of the dining room table. I ran. 
Where could I go? I let my friend Marcy Winegard stay at my old shoebox of an apartment while she looks for a place. She and boyfriend Carl Hayden called it quits and she needed a place. I could stay with my sister. I know she would take me, but she was at work and I need to get out of here right now. Where could I go?

“Mom?” I cried.
“What is it, Cat? What’s wrong?”
“Carter…” I blubbered. “And Yvette.”
My normally nasty, caustic, supercritical mother wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her. She stroked my hair.
“Oh, I’m so sorry, honey. He was really something special. You two were so happy. So, he packed up and went back to New York and the underwear model girlfriend, huh?”
“No. She came to his office. In this flimsy, little see-through dress. I was just leaving. I saw…” I cried some more. “I saw her seduce him. He didn’t try to stop her. He didn’t push her away. He didn’t say stop. He… he moaned.” More tears and sobs.
“Men! They’re horrible, disgusting creatures. Sex maniacs, all of them. They have no self-respect or self-control.”
“Not Daddy.”
    “No, not your father. And not your brother. But all the rest of them."

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

A NOTE FROM CAROL: NETFLIX Pick of the Week- Green Frontier

Dear Gentle Readers,

My NETFLIX Pick of the Week is a new limited series called Green Frontier

It has been released as a Limited Series. I streamed all seven episodes last night. 

It takes place somewhere in the Brazilian Amazon jungle. It is dark and timely.

An investigator is called in to try to make sense of the murder of four missionary girls in the middle of the jungle populated by a tribe who has had no contact with the outside world.

Think of it the X Files without the strong character leads of  Scully and Malder.  The main character is the female investigator named Helena Poveda. But the one who grasped my imagination was the native woman called Ushe (here with the red face). She made the series a total binge-watch for me.                                         

From the DECIDER:


Opening Shot: The episode starts with a fade-in from white as the camera pans through the jungle, the sounds of the Amazon ringing out, and eventually finds body after body strewn about the greenery. The method of murder is readily apparent: there are arrows in their backs.
The Gist: After a group of missionaries are found dead deep in the jungle, CTI agent Helena Poveda (Juana del Rio) is sent to a remote location to investigate. How remote? It takes a helicopter and a private boat to reach the crime scene. By her side is Reynaldo Bueno (Nelson Camayo), a member of the local law enforcement who gives her the rundown on the suspects: members of an un-contacted tribe.
Tracking down a member of said tribe is going to be easier said than done, too. All the local authorities (including one particularly snarky and dismissive cop) basically call them ghosts and are so uninterested in tracking them down that they disrupt the crime scene by moving the bodies and don’t even bring in a real camera to take photos. Agent Poveda and officer Bueno are on their own here.
But there’s one victim that wasn’t moved yet, and Poveda and Bueno discover her hanging by her hands in the midst of an indigenous cemetery. And even though she’s wearing the sky blue uniform of a missionary, she also has the tattoos and piercings that mark her as part of what might be the un-contacted tribe (the episode description names her as Ushe, so I’ll call her that). Oh, and another thing: there’s a hole in Ushe’s chest where her heart’s been removed and there is not a drop of blood to be seen. And unbeknownst to our leads, they’re being watched by another member of the un-contacted tribe–a man that, thanks to a flashback, we know is way older than he looks.
I don't know if there will be more episodes of Green Frontier. I hope so. If you like a dark, paranormal tale of a native culture protecting Mother Earth, if you don't mind a slow simmer start, may I suggest you add this murder mystery to your To Be Watched List?

Sunday, September 1, 2019

SCHEDULE: September

Dear Gentle Readers,

I am taking a few weeks off from Vision and Verse. My author website,, needs a bit of work. I am behind in working on the release of the latest Time After Time novel, Wait for Me. I'm tired and truly need a little break. AND my new puppy Lily Rose, needs plenty of walks and playtime. 

I'll have my weebly posts sent here on blogspot for the month, so you can look forward to an entertainment pick of the week and, of course, my own book posts. Have a lovely September. See you all soon.