Monday, May 30, 2016

The Art of Jack Vettriano

 The Art of
Jack Vettriano

 Meet my new favorite artist, Jack Vettriano.  His biography begins "born in Fife, Scotland in 1951." Now hold on, Readers! This Italian girl recognizes an Italian last name when she hears one...see the "o"? Intrigued, I continued reading to find out this talented man had to quit school and go to work in the mining industry. 

His girlfriend bought him a set of watercolor paints for his twenty-first birthday (Thank you, dear, whoever you are, you did the world a giant favor!) and from then on he spent his free time teaching himself to paint.

There is something about his work that draws you into the painting.  The first one I ever saw was his The Singing Butler, which shows an elegantly dressed couple dancing on the beach in the rain with their butler with an open umbrella. Their is such a romantic aura in this beautifully done painting. Love it.

And then I discovered a whole plethora of paintings by Jack Vettriano as his publishing company's website


where you can browse and buy Jack Vettriano reasonably priced posters, cards, postcards, calendars, journals, as well as canvas prints.  It is a beautiful and easy to navigate website.  

   I discovered Dance Me to the End of Love, a spectacular Audrey Hepburn-like beauty in perfect ballroom dancing hold with her striking partner.

Jack Vettriano was born Jack Hoggan to a Scottish father and an Italian mother. When he was 36 and newly separately, he moved to Edinburgh, took his mother's maiden name, and went on to become an international success with studios in both Scotland and London.  The Singing Butler has been the best selling image in Britain and is very popular here as well.

Those who criticize his work as "too erotic" have to be those guys who prefer to look at paintings of fish or maybe still life prints of fruits and veggies. Jack's paintings show human beings being human.

Please visit Jack Vettriano - Official Jack Vettriano Page on Facebook for  news on Jack's current and upcoming gallery showings and current work.  Some other very interesting links are:     Posters_c29036_.htm

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