Friday, May 20, 2022

BOOK: Lavender Mist of May, A Cat Collier Mystery, by Carol Ann Kauffman

 Lavender Mist of May is the fifth episode in the ongoing story of Mary Catherine (Cat) Collier on her journey from small town obituary writer for the local newspaper to big city detective, and beyond.

Join the further adventures and misadventures of Cat Collier, a woman who opens her own private investigation business in her small hometown on her journey from being a small town obituary writer to big city detective . 

In this fifth installment of the short story mystery series, Cat works to find a missing Chinese girl who came to the United States on a work/study program and disappeared into thin air. 

An informant takes a big risk. Nola is put in danger. The child of a prominent country club women has her Parentage questioned. Someone from Gus Black’s past shows up at the hotel.

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Thursday, May 19, 2022


This was a surprisingly good film. Usually I am not too fond of prequel, but this beginning to the King's Men films was very good. Well written and well acted. their were surprises and shocks, as 
well as laughs.  


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

INTERVIEW:* Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author Craig Deegan

C. A. Deegan

East Midlands, UK 


Good morning, Craig, and welcome to Vision and Verse, the site for art and authors and those who love them. Can you tell us a little about what you've written?

I am the author of the Cracklock Saga. The story is set in our world but with an overlap with the world of the Faery, with a few other worlds thrown in.  The protagonist knows nothing about Faeries or anything else; he’s just a normal teenager before everything gets really strange.   He has a lot to deal with quite quickly, but fortunately has some family and friends who can help him.   Throw in the megalomanic other family members, and it’s a melting pot of myth, folklore and peril.


I have three books released at the moment.  Book 4 is currently with my betas before going off to the editors.  I am now firmly ensconced on Book 5.

Brief Synopsis:

The series follows the Cracklocks; a family who can see Faeries.  This strand covers Jack; a boy who was glamoured at 4 years of age to hide him from the evil members of the family who want him for their own sinister ends. At 15, he has no idea or memory of what he is; he has no interest or knowledge of Faeries.  But he's about to get a rude awakening, following an accident that breaks the glamour on him, and plunges him into a world he knows nothing about.   Things are going to get complicated.


What is your favorite genre to write?

 I write what I suppose is SFF, and the series sits in a spot astride YA and Adult.  I have also written some horror shorts; I was weaned on horror stories. 

But the Cracklocks are the story I want to tell; the Saga is a little dark in parts, but I have tried to get the balance right.


Favorite food.

Looks down at belly.  Wipes away small tear.’  I’m not fussy; most things are good.  If I was told that there was only one thing I must have forever, it would have to be mashed potatoes. Or maybe bacon. Or chocolate.  Or…


Tea or coffee?

I’m a Brit, so I’m supposed to say tea…but I love coffee!  Can’t do without my morning jolt to get the synapses buzzing!



Pizza or ice cream?

 Pizza.  A hot one with jalapenos; in the UK they tend to be called “Mexican Pizza” by the various outlets.  Because we are soooooo imaginative!  


Wine or beer or soda or what?

 Soda on a school night (my dog insists on a 0630 walk every day, and a hangover is never conducive to that).  I like a beer or two (or six!) when I do drink.  Also whisky sours.  Those things are great, but lethal.  Everything in moderation though.


Where would you like to visit?

State of Maine, US.  I would love to do a driving tour there, along the coast.  I love Stephen King books, and as most of them are set there, I would love to see some of the locations.  And I want to try a Maine lobster; that’s on my bucket list.


Favorite musical artist.  

Ooh, tricky; there are so many out there.  I would have to say “The Sisters of Mercy”; there’s something in their lyrics that appeals to me.  Although I have never been a goth.


Do you listen to music when you write?  What?

I can’t I’m afraid; I find it too distracting for some reason.  I do get inspiration from songs, but I can’t have them on when I’m writing. I really need a little quiet to do that.  Although I have become accustomed to the sounds of gunfire from the PlayStation as my lad and his mates trounce each other on Fortnight in the room next door. 


What makes you laugh?

I love standup comedians, the cheekier the better.  We have some great ones here in the UK, although seeing them live has been a no-no over the past few years for obvious reasons.  But their TV stuff is just as good.


Favorite work of art or sculpture.

The Knife Angel by Alfie Bradley. The sculpture was created in order to highlight knife crime in the United Kingdom and educate young people of the harmful effect violent behaviour can have on their communities. It’s very poignant.  Check it out at  


How old were you when you started writing?

Mid-forties when I started doing it seriously.  I have always written, short stories and so on, but I do it for pleasure.  Nobody has ever read them!  But the pull to write the Cracklocks was too much, and an author friend of mine told me to just get on with it!  So I did. 


Do you plan out your book with outlines and notecards? Or just write?

I would love to be a planner, I really would.  I do plan.  And then it all goes crazy when I’m writing, and I become a total pantser.  I get my best ideas when I’m out walking the dog and then have to jot them down quickly.



Describe your perfect evening.

Dinner out and a few drinks with my good lady.  I am quite simple at heart.  Although a few drinks with the lads is always a good way to spend time; as we have all got older, we don’t do it so much nowadays – real life gets in the way.  I kind of miss those days, but I have something equally as good now.


Where do you get your inspiration?

I was triggered by those awful fairy books I had to read to my children!  They were all the same, even though there were hundreds of them.  It was reading those to my daughter over the years that got me started – I always wondered what would happen if someone didn’t like fairies, what they would do about it, and could anybody stop them? This idea grew, and the Cracklocks were born. I liked the idea of people who hated the Fae and everything they stood for.  


I had to do a fair amount of research if I’m honest.  I had a smattering of knowledge from those awful books I had to read before, plus the usual fairytales and did quite a lot of reading (my bookshelves are crammed with Faery lore books now). It was then a case of finding things that met with what I had in my head and the story arc. 



What do you do when you get a writer's block?

 I am quite lucky so far, as I don’t tend to suffer from it.  Walking the dog two or three times a day over the fields gives me time to mull over ideas and see what fits.  I dictate into my phone which gets some funny looks.  Touch wood, I haven’t had to deal with the dreaded block yet.  


Who is your favorite author?

 Stephen King.  Hands down.    



Best book you ever read.

It’s a series; the Dark Tower by Stephen King.  I love the way that he does crossovers from his other novels; genius.


Last book you read.

Aries and the Prince No More (The Usurper Chronicles Book 1) by Taylor Stephens.  Loved it.



What would you do for a living if you weren’t a writer?

 I only write part time, as I have a business to run.  So I am already doing it. I would love to be a writer full time; hopefully in the next few years I can live my dream.


Who is the one person who has influenced your personal life the most and why?

 I would have to say two; my parents.  They are the ones that instilled the honest work and social ethics I hope I have, or at least aspire to.  I guess that that is kind of soppy, but it’s the truth.  A closer runner is my wife; she keeps me sane.


If you could sit down and have a conversation with ONE person, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be and why?

It would have to be Sai King again, I’m afraid.  The richness in his books is inspirational and I would love to just have a coffee with him and listen to what he has to say.  I may also sneakily ask him to sign one of his hardback books for me; I collect his first editions!

What advice would you give an aspiring author?
Don’t worry so much! Every writer in the world was once not a writer.   The difference is that they had the chutzpah to write that first sentence.  I have met a lot of great authors on my writing journey and every single last one of them always has doubts about their scribbles. Everyone thinks their work is 'trash'. Everyone.  But don't stop.  Fix the bits you don't like, and have another look.  You'll think 'Yeah, this is alright.'  You’ll get there.


Many people would like to be a writer, but only a few take up the challenge.  Make sure you’re one of them.


Do you have some links for us to follow you?


There’s a few!

Email:  - always happy to answer questions!


Website:  [check this out for all things Cracklock!]









Book 1:

Book 2:



Book 1:


Book 2:



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Monday, May 16, 2022

ART: British Artist William Banks Fortescue

I asked an aspiring artist I met at a Starbuck's in Aruba who her favorite artist was and she said William Banks Fortescue.

I had never heard of him. She said she liked how he made everyday people doing everyday things look beautiful without purposefully making them beautiful.

This intrigued me. 
I think you can see what she meant in these few examples I pulled up from Artnet.  

WilliamBanks Fortescue



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Sunday, May 15, 2022

SCHEDULE: May 16- 20, 2022

 Mon., May 16 - ART:
British Artist William Banks Fortescue
Tues., May 17 - BOOK REVIEW:
Firefly Junction, Murder at the Inn
by London. Lovett
Wed., May 18 - INTERVIEW:
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author
Craig Deegan
Thurs., May 19 - ENTERTAINMENT:
The King's Man
(HBO Max)
Fri., May 20 - BOOK:
Lavender Mist of May
by Carol Ann Kauffman



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Friday, May 13, 2022

BOOK: FREE TODAY! Bentley Square by Carol Ann Kauffman

 New Cover
AND it’s FREE Today! 

Bentley Square is a great story.
Strangers see each other on the train every day, but never speak. She is a beautiful, wealthy businesswoman. He's a down on his luck office manager. They have nothing in common. And yet, they are drawn to each other with an undeniable hypnotic magnetism. 

This is the story of Rebecca Robbins, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the country and Mark Ramsay, a man shrouded in dark mystery and hiding in the shadows from death squads amid international intrigue.

This one was so much fun. to write! I hope you enjoy reading it.
Most of the action takes place in Northeast Ohio in the fictitious city of Skylar. 

The red cover photo on the old edition is the bank building in downtown Youngstown, Ohio. We scouted locations early in the cover design planning stage. I really wanted to use the Niles Bank Building in downtown Niles, Ohio. But none of the shots came out well. Some of the Cleveland ones were great shots, but somehow missed the mark of what I wanted Skylar, Ohio to look like.

The new blue cover, by Cover Up & Hide, is exactly what I had in mind. And I love it. But a tiny piece of my heart still belongs to the red-bordered cover with the photo of the bank building in downtown Youngstown.

There's a ton of action is this one. What begins as a little love story between two people who see each other on the train soon becomes a story of international intrigue, with kidnap, assassin squads, and murder.  

There's a part in the book about fixing old telephones. When I was little, much to the dismay of my parents, I used to love to take things apart.  Including the telephone.

The insides of an old land line telephone are fascinating. Little colored wires. Tiny metal coils. All snuggly nestled inside the screw off receiver. Now, bear in mind, we had one phone. It was a landline. And when it was in pieces, it didn't work. Mother was not happy.

Bentley Square is available in ebook and paperback format on, and other large book retailers. It is also available at your local public library. 



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Thursday, May 12, 2022

ENTERTAINMENT: Margin Call (Netflix)

Based loosely on a true story, this Netflix film had a ton of star power working for it. I don’t know much about the stock market, but those who do claimed the story had credibility. 

It was well-acted. They was a dog. They were some seriously good lines in this. I love Stanley Tucci and Zack Quinto.

I don’t like that corporations can do things like this. I don’t like the fact it was based o an true story no matter loosely. I do not like the way corporate greed shows such distaste for normal people.

So? Maybe watch it yourself and make your own decision.