Friday, June 3, 2016

Blog Consolidation Woes

Dear Gentle Readers,

In the month of May, I attempted to merge the two blogs, Vision and Verse on bloodspot, and my author blog on weebly. It was a dismal failure. 

Vision and Verse, the Place for Art and Authors, gained almost five thousand page views. Vision and Verse has posts on art and artists, interviews with today's newest and brightest artists and authors, as well as cover reveals, book reviews, book promotions, and blog tours.

Carol Ann Kauffman at Weebly has articles on orchid growing and African violets, nature photos, an occasional restaurant review, photos of my dachshund KC, and a plethora of my own work. This website has lost page views in the hundreds in the last month.

So I'm separating them again. Vision and Verse will go as usual. It's very close to 100,000 page views worldwide and has it's own following of authors, artists, and readers.

The weebly site, however, is still plagued with techno-problems. And sometimes after many futile attempts at getting something posted, I have to mail it to a contributor's site and ask her to post it for me.

While I can, I'll continue to post on weekly for those of you who've read my books and like them, and have taken the time and effort to review them for me, and support me in all my writing endeavors. I'll still have posts on orchids and African violets. You'll still see my nature photos and pond pictures. And I'll still do the occasional restaurant, product, or movie review and KC's Hot Pick of the Week/Month/Whatever, but my boy KC is not feeling well and is showing his seventeen years. We have to coax him to eat and he doesn't do steps anymore so we carry him around.

Enough ramblings from this author for today. I appreciate every one of you. Thank you.


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