Thursday, August 28, 2014

Review of FOR THE LOVE OF CHRISTOPHER by Ian Paul Lomax

Dear Gentle Readers,

    FOR THE LOVE OF CHRISTOPHER by Ian Paul Lomax is the true story of a British man who met a beautiful Greek girl while on vacation and the years of heartache, misery, and trauma that followed him in the quest to get his son back from abduction.
    I have read other true stories of child abduction, but from the mother's perspective.  This is the first I've read from the father's point of view.  Mr. Lomax wrote from his heart, and as I read his gut-wrenching story, I felt his pain and anguish and his utter frustration at dealing with international law and harsh, backward local mores.  Mr. Lomax included newspaper clippings and press releases from the time of the abduction, telling the backstory with integrity and heartfelt gentleness.  The blatant miscarriages of justice did not deter this man from acting with integrity and perseverance.  This is the story of one man's love for his child, and his absolute refusal to abandon that child.  I highly recommend it.



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