Friday, November 28, 2014

Interview with Cover Artist Beth Maddox of Cover It Up Designs

Beth Maddox
 A small town in Southern Mississippi, and when I say small we do not have any stop lights.

Good morning, Beth!  And welcome to Vision and Verse, the Place for Art and Authors.  I am thrilled to have you here today.  For those of you who don't know, Beth is my cover artist and I LOVE her work.  How would you describe your artwork, Beth?
Well since I’m a book cover designer I try to help authors bring their visions to life or in this case print.  

...which you do very well, might I add.  Favorite food.
Does chocolate cake count? If does not then, spaghetti.

Yes, chocolate of any type counts.  Tea or coffee.
Coffee, although with me being a southern girl I do love my tea as long as it’s sweet.

Pizza or ice cream.
Definitely have to say pizza.

Where would you like to visit?
Italy or Australia would be the two places I would choose from to visit if given the opportunity.

Favorite musical artist.  Do you listen to music when you work?  What?
I honestly do not have a favorite music artist. I love everything from some forms of classical to rock. My music selection is very eclectic.

What makes you laugh?
My friends. I never know what they will say or do next.

Woohoo!  This is one knock-out cover!!!

We all like to draw, paint, glue rocks together, snap photos, etc., but we are well aware we couldn’t make a living doing it.  When did you know this is what you wanted to do with your life?  I can’t draw or paint to save my life unless it’s in a coloring book or something that I can stay inside the lines with. However, I love taking pictures and making them into scrapbooks or just making them into something like book covers.

When did you know you made the right decision?
After I made my first book cover and a sense of rightness came over me. It was then that I realized it didn’t matter how many clients I had or how busy I stay, it is the fact that I get to do something I love doing.

Where do you get your inspiration?
My mind works a little differently or at least to me it does. I look at a picture or place and immediately try to make a story for it. When an author hires me to create their book cover I try to get as many details no matter how small some may seem to help create the perfect cover.

What do you do when you get artist's block?
Read, listen to music, sometimes I talk to the author I’m working with to create a type of storyboard to work from. Most of the time I have enough details from what the authors information they have sent to me that it’s very rare I get a block.

Who is your favorite artist?
I can honestly say I don’t have a favorite. I love visiting art museums and looking at all the diverse paints they have.

Best book you ever read.
There are definitely way too many to choose from. I have been reading since I was a kid. I read just about anything and everything I can get my hands on. My favorite genre is romance, but as long as there is a good story and plot in a book I will read it.

Last book you read.
Poppy-Behind the Words Book # 3 by Savannah Stewart

Describe your perfect evening.
Spending time with my husband and our two daughters, it doesn’t matter what we do as long as I’m with them.

What would you be doing for a living if it weren’t what you’re doing now?
I honestly would go back to college for psychology, sociology, or some kind of degree for being a counselor. I love helping others. I’m not good with blood, so most jobs in the medical field would be ruled out. I absolutely hate seeing people suffer or struggle. If there was any way I could help I would try my best.

Who is the one person who has influenced your personal life the most and why?
My mother, she always taught me to reach for the stars. It didn’t matter how out of reach it may be, but just keep trying your best no matter what happens.

If you could sit down and have a conversation with ONE person, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be and why?
My grandfather, he passed away almost five years ago and he was my best friend. I miss him more and more everyday that goes by. I wish he could have met my daughters, and seen the woman he helped me become today.

What advice would you give someone who aspired to be an artist?

If it’s something you love doing, don’t let anyone stop you from following your dreams. In life there will always be critics, but take the good with the bad and just continue to be true to yourself.

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