Monday, June 15, 2015

The Art of Beatrice Offor

British painter Beatrice Offor 

was born to George and Emma 

Offor on March 21,1864 at Peak 

Hill Villa in Sydenham, Kent, one 

of ten children.  She attended 

the Slade School of Art, now part 

of the prestigious London 

University, studying fine art and 

fine art anatomy.  In 1892 she 

married William Farran Littler, an 

artist and a sculptor.  She is best known for her beautiful 


Her paintings were shown 

regularly at the Royal Academy 

of Arts. She often used her 

sisters as muses, often painting 

brides and nude portraits of 

women.  She also painted 

portraits of the British members 

of parliament, Joseph Howard 

and Sir Ralph Littler.

At art school she befriended fellow artists Mona Bergsman 

and Annie Horniman.  The shared a studio on Fitzroy Road in 


Beatrice came from a very strict Baptist family.  Her father 

lived to be well over 100 years old.

It was hard to find information on 

this artist.  Even wikipedia had 

very little.  I found an interview she 

did in 1907, where Beatrice is 

described as charming and witty. 

She stated she worked in the art 

field to make money and pay her 

bills.  She knew the business side 

of the art world well.  The interviewer shad she was a 

pleasure to be with, and practically interviewed herself.  Her 

favorite head to paint was a woman who I gathered was her 

nanny at one time, and was her father's nurse for fifty years 

at the time of the interview.  The woman seemed cheerful, 

pleasant, and intelligent.

Beatrice committed suicide in 

1920 by jumping out of a 



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