Saturday, December 17, 2016

Charming Deception

Dear Gentle Readers,

A few years ago I made ornaments with the covers of my books for the Christmas Tree in the office. I'm pleased to tell you Charming Deception, Through the Portal has finally been published and is available on in kindle format. Paperback will be available in early 2017.

I began writing Charming Deception while on vacation in Clearwater Beach, Florida, where much of the story takes place.

This cover of Charming Deception was shot on the beach of the Sheraton Sand Key Resort, where we were staying. We were celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary at the same resort where we stayed on our honeymoon.

The resort was STILL amazing. Large, beautiful rooms with fantastic views of the Gulf of Mexico, a wonderful wait staff, and great restaurants and shops. It was a terrific second honeymoon.

The story of Charming Deception follows a woman who wakes up naked, with no memory,  in an unfamiliar hotel room at night with a  man who claims to be her husband.  From there, it takes some strange turns.

Body doubles, triples, and clones,  a nasty king from a medieval castle, portals to other worlds,  and aliens round off this unusual love story.


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