Friday, May 19, 2017

Photos from the McKinley House Authors Meet & Greet

An Author Meet & Greet was held on Saturday at the McKinley House Birthplace Museum and Research Center in downtown Niles. Carrie Kibby from the McKinley Memorial Library did a great job of organizing the lovely event that was held in the upstairs conference room, accessible by elevator for those who don't like steps. We had some hometown authors and some from as far away as Cleveland.

Niece Carrie in photo above with her auntie.

Dear friend Mary Morrall (above) was on hand for company and support. 

My sweet husband is my roadie, photographer, director, and change handler. He also takes a good photo himself. Thank you, dear, for your bottomless pit of patience with me. You are appreciated.            

Here is a photo of the book display and longtime friend Tina Hoffman. It was a pleasure to see her again and catch up on what's happening in our lives.

Please support the Niles McKinley Memorial Library. It is the most beautiful building in the city. The staff is hard-working, creative, dependable, and wants to make our library the centerpiece of the city. Please remember our library gets no money from the city of Niles. Come to the library. Attend the lawn concerts and other cultural events at the library. Let's emphasize the good things we have here in Niles. 

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