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Reviews for the Baslicato by Carol Ann Kauffman

on April 1, 2015
I really like the premise of Kauffman's Time after Time series... the same couple reincarnated in different time periods and places and always going through hell to be together. It makes their love-at-first-site thing more believable and acceptable than other books. Plus the fact that Richard/Jason is such a smoothe talker (haha)!

I can't really explain it but it seems like the author really enjoys writing these books when you read them. The writing and editing are really good and what's interesting is that while the book feels like a 'light read' it's quite heavy on plot - a lot of different things happen and nothing feels like filler. There are many different characters and as you get further in and realise it isn't just a simple romance after all, you get more and more hooked. The dialogue is really sweet at times and the book doesn't rely on sex every ten seconds.

This is the second Time after Time book I have read and I will be reading more, I might have to read the actual first one next. Would recommend to anyone who wants a romance that is a bit different and without tons of smut.

on May 8, 2013
This book was great! It had a little bit of everything in it! Italy, Racing Cars, good looking guys! It's a page turner for sure, and I think it's my favorite so far in the Time after Time series! These books are so good they always keep me coming back to read the next story! I love the theme of the reincarnated lovers throughout all the books, and the ability to read them out of order and not miss a thing! Check this book out, you won't regret it! It's a great read for the summer!

on November 16, 2014
I found the story premise of reincarnated lovers quite intriguing.The story hooked me quickly and had enough twists and turns to keep me interested to the end. The author weaves a great story, with likable characters, and a surprising ending.

on December 26, 2014
Oh my word! Now I have more questions than when I began the book! But a great read which left asking when/where is the next installment. If it is the one I thought, I find out shortly cause I purchased it before writing this review. In any event I doubt I will be disappointed. This was such a great read the one I just got has to be as well.

on September 9, 2016
These Stories of Richard and Nicole are remarkable! Each one is more exciting then the other. It amazes me how they keep finding each other and at least one of them knows who they really are. Carol Ann Kauffman has such a way to bring these two together in such an unusual way.
Richard accidentality ended up in a kidnapped race car drivers body. The doctor who walked into his room, her name was Brook, but Richard knew it was Nicole. His Nicole! Head trauma said the doctor, but I can fix him with some time. But Richard didn't have time. There were people out to kill him. So his Father wanted to take him back to is home in Italy and have the doctor come with them. The head of her hospital didn't want her to go.
More than once someone tried to take their lives. When Nicole returned to America, her long time companion wanted to marry her and she said no. You see, by now she knew who Richard is. Without giving anything away, you go through many attempts on their lives and you will be surprised who is doing it. Trips back and forth from America to Italy, with adventure in both countries. Nicole does leave the States to live in Italy and open her own hospital. But that's not where it ends.
With Nicole's birthday coming up fast, I knew they had to make some kind of changes. The way it was done was a huge cheer and a tear. I really loved this book. Edge of your seat action. Twists and turns and suspense around every corner. Love Carol Ann Kauffmans work!!

on March 27, 2014
This author wrote a story that kept me intrigued and biting my nails all the way through! The characters are so vivid and likable! Recommended to anyone. It really is a captivating book with treachery at its core! A romance to last for all time. What a strange combination but it ooooh it works so well!

on March 23, 2015
I loved this romantic, suspenseful, and utterly unpredictable tale of fated lovers caught in the wrong time and the wrong incarnations. Apart from the suspense and sorrow and eerieness of the plot line, the story is filled with sunlight, passion, adventure, and all the joys of a big warm-hearted family.

on October 18, 2014
An explosive, jet-setting international plot takes readers on a trip they won't expect. Nicole and Richard will not be kept apart in this timeless romance.

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