Friday, March 16, 2018

Lake Metroparks Farmpark Quilt Show

The Lake Farmparks Annual Quilt Show runs February 9 through March 11 from 9:00 to 5:00. This is the 27th year Cleveland Metropark Lake Farmparks location has hosted this event. featuring over 200 quilts from all over the United States.

I look forward to this event every year, and try to attend if the northeast Ohio unpredictable weather cooperates, as it did this year. 

Quilts of all kinds and sizes are displayed in multiple rooms for your perfect viewing pleasure. Bed quilts. Art quilts. Theme quilts. Apparel. Geometric marvels. And more! 

This quilt (above) caught my eye. This quilt is done in the Hawaiian appliqué technique, and my photo doesn't do it justice. The color combinations and the light on a warm and bright background were really fabulous. 

I first saw this technique in Hawaii where a group of older Hawaiian women were demonstrating the method at a tourist location. There is no batting in the middle of these Hawaiian quilts, but sometimes the appliqué pieces are stuffed.  

These gorgeous works of art, grown from the simple need for warmth in olden times, has never ceased to amaze me. 

I can just imagine colonial and pioneer women making quilts to keep their families warm on a cold winter's night. What began as simply piecing lengths of material together has become a textile art of beauty.

I usually come home with a list of techniques and specific color combinations I wanted to try.  But my quilting days are behind me.  

I can still enjoy them, revel in their beauty, and feel the sense of pride and accomplishment of the quilter. And that's enough.  

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