Monday, June 11, 2018

Cross-Country Roadtrip

Dear Gentle Readers,

Around mid-May, my husband and I took off on our last official cross-country road trip. We had some places we wanted to visit and sites we hoped to see and we weren't getting any younger hanging around Ohio.

So maps in hand, a filled cooler and snack bag, and two weeks worth of clothes in the trunk, we set out from northeast Ohio to Arizona on the southern route. The weather was perfect for driving, cool and overcast. No glaring, cooking heat. 

And no rainstorms until we hit St. Louis, Missouri. But it passed quickly and I checked off  "Drive across the Mississippi River" from my bucket list. 

Kansas. The bucket question was "Is Kansas corny in August?" Well, it was corny in May, so I would guess it is also in August. I am sure there are lovely places in Kansas, but all I saw was road and corn and corn and road.

A storm rolled in out of nowhere. The wind kicked up. The heavy rain turned to hail. The sky went black. And although my husband could have driven farther that first day, we decided to stay in Colby, Kansas for the night.

We found a Holiday Inn Express out in the middle of nowhere. It was a great hotel and the staff was gracious and efficient. We slept like rocks.

More to come.

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