Tuesday, March 19, 2019

BOOK: The Owl of the Sipan Lord by Viv Drewa


Then two dark mists appeared on opposite sides of the room. He saw the one to his left turn into a male figure standing by the bookcase. The other was a female figure by the window. She had dark-red sinister eyes that dared Hans to do something else. The male had soft blue eyes that made Hans feel safe.

But what the hell?
As the male figure started to move toward the books on the floor the female figure raised her left hand and the books flew toward her. It was obvious the male figure would not move toward her; he was either afraid of her or not as strong. Hans wasn't sure.
He felt himself getting weak and then started having trouble breathing.

“What do you want?” Hans forced himself to say. “Who are you?”
There was no answer. The female figure just glared at him; the male figure wasn't able to stop her.

Suddenly, Hans felt a sharp, stabbing pain in his back that traveled to his left side.

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