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Some reviews of BLUE LAKE:

5.0 out of 5 stars Power of and beyondApril 3, 2012
After enjoying Carol Kauffman's other novel, Bel Terra; I wanted to read Blue Lake. This novel has been composed and developed into a truly epic romantic novel spanning over 10 years in time. It crosses the United States from the West coast,across the Atlantic to England, Ireland, Italy. Even a couple of trips to Aruba adds to the visual appeal. Mrs. Kauffman describes the scenic areas so well that you can easily visualize yourself there. The main characters are so well developed that I seemed to need a box of tissues by my side when their plights and troubles were made apparent throughout their saga. I really became immersed in this story. It is a true tale of the Power of and beyond. If you enjoy romantic novels interspersed with action and the occasional quips that makes you smile; you'll enjoy this book. 

5.0 out of 5 stars Blue LakeJuly 13, 2012
By ebart
I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the beginning to the final word. Carol Kauffman held my interest with this love story. Good reading with lots of action and with locations all over the globe. She loved him to the end and beyond through all their trials and tribulations.

5.0 out of 5 starsBrilliant September 30, 2014
From beginning to end Blue Lake will make you laugh and cry. It is a truly beautiful story about true love.

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Interview with Author Judith Douglas

 Judith Victoria Douglas
Eastern part of Texas

Good morning, Judith, and welcome to Vision and Verse, the Place for Art and Authors.  Tell us a little about yourself.

Judith Victoria Douglas is a pseudonym combining my first name with my children’s first names.

 This  picture was taken from my porch toward the creek when my last two horses were still alive.  The top photo is the street I live on.

What have you written?
Ariel’s Cottage; One Unicorn Wish; Within the Sacred Circle, A Native American Connection; Painted Tree, Two Novellas; Where the Horses Run, Book I, Mass Extinction, and Book II, Sacred Hills; Twisted Vine, An Anthology, with Miracle Belle, A Horse with a Secret published separately, and two booklets of 4 of the  short stories each, one of the romances and one of the fantasies; Tree & Sky, The Secrets of Meshyah’s World, with each of the three stories published separately; Little Duke and the Rat Princess in Kindle only; There’s a Tree on My House; and The Carousel Pony.  I have two-thirds of Where the Horses Run, Book III, Ciphers and most of Realms of the Earth, the series’ prequel, completed, but stopped working on them a few months ago.  I reached a point of total burn out and the pressure I felt to keeping going just died.  Maybe it will start up again if there is interest.  I’ve had a few of the second book sell lately.  We’ll see.
Don't give up.  Take a little break.  You'll know when you are ready to get back to writing.

What is your favorite genre to write? 
As you can see, I like to dabble in all of them, but my goal is to complete a true Sci Fi adventure someday.  I have a title and idea, but each time I work on it the whole thing starts changing, so it’s going be to hard work to keep within the theme.  It is harder and harder to find good Sci-fi.  Few have visions of a positive future for man.  It’s all war, apocalyptic, and/or social upheaval.  And most is dark and horror.  That’s not my kind of Sci-fi as you’ll find with the description of some of my books.

Favorite food.
Eggplant Parmesan                                                  

Tea or coffee?

Pizza or ice cream?

Where would you like to visit?
New Zealand, but in this country the Black Hills Horse Sanctuary and the Lakhota Reservations.

Favorite musical artist.
Hard to say, I majored in music my first year of college and love classical music, but I have diverse tastes.  I like Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Ethnic like Celtic, Scottich and Native American, and Piano Mood music, or almost anything except Rap.

Do you listen to music when you write?

Whatever I think will put me in the mood for the scene I writing.

What makes you laugh?

How old were you when you started writing?
I’m not sure during childhood, or school, but I had an interest enough to want to pursue it in college.  In my early twenties I started reading books on writing and still have my notes.  I started a lot of stories, but didn’t know how to end them.  I don’t think I wanted them to end.  I kept practicing off and on until my late 50s when I wrote several stories.  I finally decided I had to get serious and took some of those stories and published them.

Describe your perfect evening.
Quiet, reading or watching a movie in a reclining position, with a glass of wine, which I rarely allow myself to indulge in.

Favorite work of art or sculpture.  
I like John William Waterhouse’s painting (pictured at the right), and use one for an avatar, The Crystal Ball.  And I like any art, sculpture or artistic photo, especially of horses.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Sometime it comes to me after I’ve decided I’d like to try a certain type of story, or get an idea from another story where it wasn’t explored.  My extensive knowledge of horses and possible future events spurred me to start Where the Horses Run, but few are interested, so I haven’t continued it.            
However, I have found recent scientific information that matches what I predicted in the book.  The cover photo and one inside for One Unicorn Wish inspired that whole story.

What do you do when you get a writer's block?
I’ve never had a writer’s block, though I have a block of wood on my bookshelf that I got from my dad (he did some woodwork) and call it my writer’s block.  Even now, not writing, I have ideas and always think about how a story could go, or how a movie I’m watching could be better. I think I’ve always done that, but I no longer follow up or jot down notes.  I have so many of those I couldn’t finish them all in my lifetime… wait, I think Neil Gaiman said that, also.

Who is your favorite author?
I enjoy any author who has written a good story in fine style.  I am not so much a fan of an author as I am of one of their books.

Best book you ever read.
Surprisingly, a non-fiction titled Spiritwalker, by Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.  Part of it comes across as fiction, which I love, but it was the author’s true experience.  I think I like it most because it’s the only source I have found where the author had an experience similar to one I had when I was between 4-5 years old, which has stayed with me.

Last book you read.
Visionseeker, the third of Wesselman’s Spiritwalker trilogy.

What would you do for a living if you weren’t a writer?
Teach at a junior college.

Who is the one person who has influenced your personal life the most and why?
My dad.  I miss him very much.  He was one of only two males in my life I could carry on an intelligent conversation with.  The other is my son, but he’s very busy these days.  My dad and I talked about things I can only read about now, and some of that is so inadequate.  Many of his beliefs have become mine, and though he’s gone, as I get older I have come to understand why he discussed some things with.  I think I was the only one he found he could discuss these things with, also.  He was the one to introduce me to science fiction when I was in high school.

If you could sit down and have a conversation with ONE person, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be and why?  
My dad.  See above.

What advice would you give someone who aspires to be a writer? 
Just keep writing.  Publishing is nice, but if you’re writing to enjoy a type of story you like and want to share it, you can publish it yourself and give it away free to friends and family who will always have it as part of a memory of you.  That is what writing is really about, creating something to share with others.  Many classic authors started out self-published.

Do you have any links for us to follow you?

Twitter - @booksbyjvd

Tumblr - Menagerie,

And I can also be found on LinkedIn, LibraryThing, Shelfari, and Goodreads. 

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The Art of Beatrice Offor

British painter Beatrice Offor 

was born to George and Emma 

Offor on March 21,1864 at Peak 

Hill Villa in Sydenham, Kent, one 

of ten children.  She attended 

the Slade School of Art, now part 

of the prestigious London 

University, studying fine art and 

fine art anatomy.  In 1892 she 

married William Farran Littler, an 

artist and a sculptor.  She is best known for her beautiful 


Her paintings were shown 

regularly at the Royal Academy 

of Arts. She often used her 

sisters as muses, often painting 

brides and nude portraits of 

women.  She also painted 

portraits of the British members 

of parliament, Joseph Howard 

and Sir Ralph Littler.

At art school she befriended fellow artists Mona Bergsman 

and Annie Horniman.  The shared a studio on Fitzroy Road in 


Beatrice came from a very strict Baptist family.  Her father 

lived to be well over 100 years old.

It was hard to find information on 

this artist.  Even wikipedia had 

very little.  I found an interview she 

did in 1907, where Beatrice is 

described as charming and witty. 

She stated she worked in the art 

field to make money and pay her 

bills.  She knew the business side 

of the art world well.  The interviewer shad she was a 

pleasure to be with, and practically interviewed herself.  Her 

favorite head to paint was a woman who I gathered was her 

nanny at one time, and was her father's nurse for fifty years 

at the time of the interview.  The woman seemed cheerful, 

pleasant, and intelligent.

Beatrice committed suicide in 

1920 by jumping out of a 



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The LOVE LIST Blog Tour

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The Love List Series Books 1- 4

Single, successful and lonely in a small town. Would you let your girlfriends choose your man?

Tegan, Chloe, Becca and Laura do in The Love List.

When you're part of The Love List you never know who you will end up with.

Love Uncorked (The Love List Book 1)

Tegan Taylor is the owner of the Que Syrah Syrah wine shop in Vine grove, the heart of wine country. After her plan of starting a book club to meet single, local men falls flat, her new found friends come up with The Love List. Each dropped a name of a nice guy their friends may like but just not a guy they'd date. Or think of romantically.
Tegan chooses Richard. After one disastrous meeting with him, Tegan wonders if The Love List isn't a terrible idea.

Richard’s a jerk. But, when handsome Australian cowboy, August, shows up, things may take a turn.

Read book one in the Love List Series as Tegan, Chloe, Laura and Becca try to find love in a small town.

You can find Jennifer Conner here:


Love Found Me (The Love List Book 2)

When it’s Chloe Miles turn to pick a name out of The Love List she didn’t expect to find true love. She just wanted to go on a date with a nice, available guy. Not one who drank too much, or was unemployed and wanted to stay that way. Or especially one who didn’t know what monogamy means.

Mitch Brodin didn’t know his heart was in the hands of The Love List. His Fate was set the moment he set foot into Roy's Pet Rescues looking for advice on how to care for new born kittens.

Chloe is vivacious, unpredictable, and tons of fun, while he is methodical, predictable, and well… cynical. He surely hadn’t planned on falling in love. But that’s what you get when you’re not looking for love.

You can find Sharon Kleve here:


Blind Tasting (The Love List Book 3)

Dr. Rebecca Miller is devastated over her fiancé's affair...with her best friend. Country charm is the best medicine. Along with a good friend and a bottle of wine.
In the heart of wine country, four friends spice up their book club and create The Love List. Love is the last thing on Becca's mind until she's matched with Chase Tanner.

Chase discovers the love list and believes to be fooled. Can Becca convince him she really does love him?

You can find Angela Ford here:

Twitter @AngelaFord67


Building up to Love (The Love List Book 4)

Story 4 in the best-selling series, The Love List from some of your favorite sweet romance authors.

A small town can be a friendly place to call home and an impossible place to find a date. A shop owner starts a singles-mingle but only has three attendees—not a single man in sight. The women continue to meet, and change their name to The Love List. Each write names of single men and drop them into a basket. The Love List seems a success as each of the women finds their true love, except Laura. She is certain the basket is cursed.

Travis Jerome is new to town. He jumps at the chance to work on Laura’s B&B remodel, to once again have the feel of a hammer in his hand. For something to last a lifetime it must start with a strong foundation and build up from there.

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