Thursday, March 26, 2015

Excerpt from THE BASLICATO

Excerpt from The Baslicato:

"Mr. Maxwell, hello, I'm your doctor, Dr. Brook Wilson. Your father called me in as your specialist.”  He stirred.  He opened his eyes and gave her the most beautiful smile she had ever seen in her life.  It was heart stopping.  And those eyes!  And just where have YOU been all my life, she thought to herself, surprised by her own reaction to him.

“Hello, my love, I am so glad you’re here.  I’ve been calling you.  Did you hear me?”  He reached for her and pulling up toward her, hugged her middle tightly, burying his head in her breasts, and leaving her momentarily stunned.  “Oh, my head hurts.  Nothing makes any sense.  What happened to me, do you know?  Did they tell you anything?  They won’t tell me a damn thing.  They just tell me to rest,” he said.  She hugged him back just enough to hit the button on the other side of his bed.  Her two assistants came in and pulled him off of her.

“Nicole, love, what’s the matter?  What’s wrong?”

“Mr. Maxwell, listen to me carefully.  I am afraid you have me confused with someone else.  I am your new doctor, Dr. Brook Wilson.  Now, are you going behave and keep your hands to yourself or do I need to restrain you?”  He looked at her and blinked.  He became very agitated.
“Nicole?  Keep my hands to my…  What’s the meaning of this?  You know me!  You know who I am.  Richard. Richard MacKenzie, your husband, not some… Mr. Maxwell.  And you are my wife, Nicole,” he said unwaveringly.  He paused and thought a moment and began to doubt himself.  “Oh, what’s the matter with me? Nicole!  Why don’t you know me?  My God, will this bloody nightmare never end?”  

     He held his head with both hands, visibly shaken.  She very gently injected him with something to calm him down, to make him sleep a little, and give her some time to figure out what was going on here.  She didn’t let him see the needle.  Somehow she knew he hated needles.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The 24th Annual Lake Metroparks Farmpark Quilt Show 2015

Dear Gentle Readers,

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the 24th Annual Metroparks Quilt Show held at Lake Farmpark, 8800 Euclid Chardon. Rd., Kirtland, OH 44094.  This year I went as just a quilt lover. None of my pieces were in the show and I wasn't  judging or covering it for any media.   

My husband and I had a beautiful sunny day to drive up to Kirtland to view these beauties with no pressure or anxiety.  And, oh, it was wonderful. 

And, no, William was't the only man there! There were three other men who are hot contenders for the Husband of the Year Award.

The quilt show ran through March 25. Special guest textile artist RaNae Merrill of New York, NY had some of her beautiful work on display.

I don't have the name of these stunning quilt or it's creators.  That's what happens when you go to a quilt show for pure enjoyment.  No organization. This gorgeous star quilt done is Santa Fe colors was very popular the day we went.

This breathtaking beauty was made by Pat
Williams from Canfield. OH.  It's entitled
Imagine. And once again, my photo doesn't
do it justice. It was truly a spectacular work of

Next year's event, the 25th annual quilt show,
will run from February 12 to March 23, 2016.

Group rates are available for pre-registered groups of ten or more.  There is a little
cafeteria on premises.  School groups are welcome to schedules tours of the event as well as the Farmpark facilities and grounds.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The Oath of the Father
by C.J. Adrien

The synopsis is:

France, 822 A.D. 

Abriel Haraldsson is prey on the run. 

He was injured in combat and taken by his men to the nearby monastery of Saint Philbert to be healed. With the best of intentions, the monks faked his death and took him away to a far-off island to be reconverted to their faith. 

Believing the king to be dead, suitors from the north descended upon the island of Herius with the intent to marry Queen Kenna whose small kingdom had grown wealthy from its salt trade. The powerful warlord Turgeis—known for his prowess in battle and lust for blood—set his sights upon the queen. 

When a messenger from afar returned with news that Abriel had survived his injuries, the warlord set to sea to ensure the king would never return. 

Thus began the hunt.

Do you recognize this handsome man from 
a Vision and Verse interview on July 25, 2013.
He loves white chocolate chip Macadamia nut cookies,
a German techno band named Scooter, and the Herman Melville. NOW do you remember him?

Yes, well when noted historian C.J. Adrien was here
with us, he promised to come back and do a cover
reveal for his new book, The Oath of the Father, and
true to his word, here he is with his new cover and a link to read the first chapter in this wonderfully detailed
French historical fiction set in 822A.D. I have this book. I'm reading it right now and it is captivating.

Try the first chapter for yourself and see if you don't 

Other works by C. J. Adrien include The Line of His People.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Chasing Victory by Joanne Jaytanie

Chasing Victory , The Winters Sisters #1 by Joanne Jaytanie. Blog Tour, Excerpt, My Review + Giveaway.

Victory Winters is a world-renowned geneticist and possesses an unusual innate sense of communication, bordering on telepathic when relating to animals. She is kidnapped by Lawrence Braxton. Braxton is the madman CEO who runs Biotec, and forces Victory to pursue her research on canine DNA.

Naval officer Tristan Farraday is sent undercover to track Biotec’s experiments. These experiments involve the implantation of canine DNA into humans, thereby manipulating their genetic makeup. The goal of Biotec is to create the perfect soldier.

Murder, kidnapping, and blackmail follow as Tristan realizes Victory has been pulled into Biotec’s world against her wishes. She refuses to divulge the genetic answers Braxton demands. Victory knows Biotec wants to exploit her findings, by administering them in a destructive manner. Will Tristan rescue Victory from this madman’s grip and save her family? Can he keep her discoveries away from enemy hands?  

“Tristan.” He turned to find her right behind him. “Take this bottle with you. You can take two more pills in an hour if you aren’t any better.” Damn, he must look as bad has he felt.

“Thanks.” He opened the bedroom door and turned back, smiled at her and before she knew what was happening, leaned towards her and kissed her ever so lightly on her lips. “I’ll see you first thing in the morning. I’ll come back here and go with you to breakfast.” He headed straight for the hall door, leaving Victory frozen at the threshold of her bedroom. “Make sure you lock the door as soon as I leave,” he casually tossed over his shoulder.

“I will,” she stammered.

 Had sparks flashed from their lips?

 Knowing full well that a lock wouldn’t stop Braxton or his people if they wanted to enter her room, Tristan walked out into the hall and waited for the click of the lock. He was bewildered by the electricity that sparked between them at the second his lips touched hers and wondered if she had felt the same sensation. He really needed a little down time if he was going to be any help to Victory.

Joanne was born and raised in Sherburne, New York, a quaint village surrounded by dairy farms and rolling hills. From the moment she could read she wanted to explore the world. During her college years she slowly crept across the country, stopping along the way in Oklahoma, California, and finally Washington State, which she now proudly calls home. She lives with her husband and Dobermans, in their home located on the Kitsap Peninsula with a panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains.

Joanne writes paranormal, romantic suspense, and contemporary romance. She loves writing about the twists and turns of her character’s lives along with the trouble they find themselves involved in. She enjoys a wide variety of books including paranormal, suspense, thriller, and of course romance.

Joanne is a member of Romance Writers of America, and past President of Peninsula Romance Writers, which was Debbie Macomber’s home chapter.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Waiting for Richard by Carol Ann Kauffman

Waiting for Richard
by Carol Ann Kauffman

Retired insurance office manager Skye McKenna launches a new career as a children's author. On a book tour in Australia, she finds adventure and romance with a reclusive elephant-loving veterinarian. 

This is rather long, short story in the TIME AFTER TIME series, which follows a pair of quintessential lovers, Richard and Nicole, through their lives together, at different times, in different places, with different names and faces. This follows the alternate theory that the relationships we forge in this lifetime, both good and bad, are continued in the future and rooted in the past. Those people who have had a profound effect on us in this life will find us in the future.

Most Helpful Customer Review

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Joy to Read! December 22, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
Waiting for Richard, by Carol Ann Kaufman, is a short novella added to the Time After Time series. Reading this novella first has made me want to read every one of the books in the series.

Skye is happily retired and working on a series of children's books. She is happy, but the one thing that bothers her is this image she has in her mind of the man of her dreams. Considering herself too old to even consider looking for him, she keeps herself absorbed in her children's books. An unexpected trip to Australia and a meeting with an elephant expert makes her realize that you never know who's going to enter your life and grab your love.

There is also many other twists and turns going on in these 65 pages including a shooting, a runaway brother and other craziness that makes this novella a must read. Take it as an entry into the world of all the Time after Time series, because once you read this you're going to want to read all of them.

Buy Link: Waiting for Richard

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Review of OLYMPIAN PASSIONby Andrya Bailey

Dear Gentle Readers,
Last week I told you a little a book I read called Olympian Passion by the lovely and talented and very kind Andrya Bailey.  If you love the atmosphere of a museum and the haunting beauty of Greek antiquities, this book is for you.  Today I'll give you a peek at the Amazon reviews for Olympian Passion, so you can see what others are saying about it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Can't wait for the next! February 17, 2015
By K
Format:Kindle Edition
This was a great book! I read it in one evening. If you're looking for a great romance, this is it. I can't wait for the next in this series!

5.0 out of 5 starsAbsolutely loved this love story February 15, 2015
Absolutely loved this love story! And all I can say is: when is the next book coming out? I can hardly wait to read the next! I couldn't put it down, read it in one night.The chemistry between Sabrina and Nikos was to die for! Nikos is my new book boyfriend, he's the dream guy! Swoon! If you love romance, you can't miss this one. I felt like Sabrina, totally smitten by him... awesome. What else can I say? Just get the next books out, Mrs. Bailey!!! Two thumbs up for this. Romance at its best!

Format:Kindle Edition
Olympian Passion by Andrya Bailey had it all. It had wonderfully drawn characters like the super sexy Nikos, the sweet and sensitive Sabrina, and the perfect best friend Jane. The story is set against the backdrop of beautiful Greek antiquities and museum mystery. Fast-paced, emotionally charged, and did I mention passionate? I can't wait for Book Two.

5.0 out of 5 stars
 A Fun and Anticipation-building read February 28, 2015
By RDWriter
I haven't read a romance book in awhile, but I'm glad I restarted with Olympian Passion. With an interesting and addictive plot, likeable characters (sweet Sabrina and sexy Nikos), and pulsing love scenes, this is a must read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Love romance and this is turning out to be a ... March 1, 2015
I just bought book and can't put it down. Love romance and this is turning out to be a great book!!

Buy link:

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The Art of Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earle.  Not a household name.  And yet, when you see his work, you'll realize you do know this artist.  He worked with Walt Disney to develop that stylized artwork we associate with Disney. 

Once again, I found this artist while perusing on the internet while I was supposed to be doing something else.  But it drew me back. Here it what I found.

This is from his Artist Page:

Eyvind Earle's Biography 

Born in New York in 1916, Eyvind Earle began his prolific career at the age of ten when his father, Ferdinand Earle, gave him a challenging choice: read 50 pages of a book or paint a picture every day. Earle choose both. From the time of his first one-man showing in France when he was 14, Earle’s fame had grown steadily. At the age of 21, Earle bicycled across country from Hollywood to New York, paying his way by painting 42 watercolors. In 1937, he opened at the Charles Morgan Galleries, his first of many one-man shows in New York.

Two years later at his third consecutive showing at the gallery, the response to his work was so positive that the exhibition sold out and the Metropolitan Museum of Art purchased one of his paintings for their permanent collection.

His earliest work was strictly realistic, but after having studied the work of a variety of masters such as Van Gogh, Cézanne, Rockwell, Kent and Georgia O’Keefe, Earle by the age of 21, came into his own unique style. His oeuvre is characterized by a simplicity, directness and surety of handling.

In 1951 Earle joined Walt Disney studios as an assistant background painter. Earle intrigued Disney in 1953 when he
created the look of “Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom†an animated short that won an Academy Award and a Cannes Film Festival Award. Disney kept the artist busy for the rest of decade, painting the settings for such stories as “Peter Panâ€, “For Whom the Bulls Toilâ€, “Working for Peanutsâ€, “Pigs is Pigsâ€, “Paul Bunyan†and “Lady and the Trampâ€.

Earle was responsible for the styling, background and colors for the highly acclaimed movie “Sleeping Beauty†and gave the movie its magical, medieval look. He also painted the dioramas for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Earle’s work was also seen on television. One of his
animated creations was an 18-minute version of the story of the Nativity that he did in 1963 for Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Special “The Story of Christmasâ€. A Daily Variety reviewer said Earle’s sequence “should be preserved and played back for years on end.†The show was digitally re-mastered in 1997.

Earle’s career has encompassed many different fields. In addition to book illustrating, the artist had also designed a number of covers for magazine publications and had produced and created several animated commercials and specials for television.

In 1998, at its Annie Awards show in Glendale, the International Animated Film Society gave Earle its Windsor McCay Award for lifetime achievement. In the 1940’s, Earle adapted his creative landscapes to Christmas cards, painting more than 800 designs that have sold more than 300 million copies through American Artist Group.

After about 15 years creating animated art, Earle returned to painting full time in 1966 and kept working until the end of his life. In addition to his watercolors, oils, sculptures, drawings and scratchboards, in 1974 he began making limited edition serigraphs.

Eyvind Earle had a totally original perception
of landscape. He successfully synthesizes seemingly incongruent aspects into a singularly distinctive style: a style, which is at once mysterious, primitive, disciplined, moody and nostalgic. He captures the grandeur of simplicity of the American countryside, and represents these glimpses of the American scene with a direct lyric ardor.

His landscapes are remarkable for their suggestion of distances, landmasses and weather moods. “For 70 years,†Earle wrote in 1996, “I’ve painted paintings, and I’m constantly and everlastingly overwhelmed at the stupendous infinity of Nature. Wherever I turn and look, there I see creation. Art is creating...Art is the search for truth.â€
Eyvind Earle passed away on July 20, 2000 at the age of 84. During his lifetime he created many paintings, sculptures, scratchboards, watercolors and drawings that have not been publicly seen or exhibited.

Eyvind Earle Publishing LLC, under the specific instruction of the late Eyvind Earle, will continue the legacy of the artist, promoting and introducing new serigraphs and books through galleries worldwide. These posthumous limited edition serigraphs will be printed from the oil paintings created by Eyvind Earle that are in the collection of Joan Earle and others.