Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello and welcome to VISION & VERSE.  I am Parker Kaufman, the VISION  side of this endeavor.  I am a visually challenged artist creating art cards and other works suitable for framing.  I work maily with card stock, patterned and textured papers, and pencil. 

I'm inspired by many different genres of art, music, and literature,  the world around me as I see it through impaired eyes, and  a truly wild imagination.  I believe my work defies categorization, so I won't try to put it into a nice neat boxed description.  Instead, I invite you to browse my website, and experience it for yourself.

As is the goal of this blog, I hope to share with you readers, the myriad of things that have helped to grow and shape my creativity, to bring morsels of information to you, and words of inspiration with the hope of encouraging the growth of your creative self.

I hope that you will enjoy reading and discovering as much as I will enjoy sharing with you.

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