Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Little Snippet from LORD OF BLAKELEY

    “She’s not here.  I sent Aleese back through the eye, Samuel.  She’s home, safe, back in Blakeley,” Andrew lied, nodding, trying to buy himself some time.
    “Son of a bitch!  Neil, check the signal! Did he really send her back through?”
    “According to the open link transport residue, Commander, one signal came through to our side, and one went back through to the other side.  It was a smaller and cooler signal.  Yes.  He could have done it.”
    Andrew was surprised, but did not show it.  Instead he smiled and nodded.
    “Damn you, Andrew!  That’s nearly impossible!  How did you do that? Blakeley doesn’t possess that kind of scientific knowledge or technological ability.”
    “Oh, Sam, Blakeley is not the backward little farm community you remember us to be.  Since Aleese and I took over, we’ve made major strides in every area.  Blakeley is now the seat of power on Nord.  We have grown by leaps and bounds.  I told you I would do anything to protect my wife, to keep her safe.  And I’ve done just what I came here to do, which was to find her and get her back home safely, with no back up troops, no weapons, and no electronic devices.  Putting no one else in danger, just me!”
    “String up this cocky son of a bitch!  Let me think, Farm-Boy-Turned-Superman.  You know, I liked you much better carrying a box of fruit.  Can you get a message to her to come back through?”
    “No.  No communication device, remember?  And even if I could reach her, Sam, I would never ask her to come back here.”
    “Why didn’t you go back with her?  That’s USUALLY how a rescue works, you know!  You’re new at this rescuing the damsel in distress scenario, aren’t you?”
    Andrew laughed and nodded.
    “Yes, I know that’s how a rescue is supposed to work, but after I sent her back through the eye and I knew my wife was safe, I wanted to talk to you, man to man.  

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