Thursday, January 30, 2014

Book Review of Khalid Muhammad's AGENCY RULES

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Agency Rules - Never an Easy Day at the Office[Kindle Edition]

Khalid Muhammad 

Kindle Price:$3.99

Agency Rules, Never An Easy Day at the Office by Khalid Muhammad is a taut, political thriller set in modern-day Pakistan.  Our protagonist, Kamal, possesses a strong sharp mind, terrific sniper skills, and a deep desire to improve his country, all while trying to stay alive among the treacherous subversive groups fighting for control of the country, where dishonesty, torture, and mistrust are rampant.  Who can he trust?
    This is not the kind of book I usually like to read.  I like to escape into a book and pretend this kind of stuff never happens.  This is not an unbelievable James Bond-type spy thriller.  This is life in a harsh and cruel world with extremely manipulative and brutal political groups.  But the strong, believable characters that drive the suspenseful and gripping plot hooked me.  The story flows well and unfolds into a heated action thriller. Hats off to Khalid Muhammad for this quick-moving, realistic, eye-opening heart-pounder. 
                                                                                              Review by Carol Ann Kauffman

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