Monday, January 27, 2014


Hello Readers!  Welcome to the first posting of WHAT'S IN A PHOTO?    I thought I'd start out with a series of four photos for you to peruse and see what you can find in them.  I've thrown in some things to look at in each photo to get you started.

Investigate the geometry in the crystal bowl in the photo above.

Check out the circular motion and the illusion of upward movement in this electric range burner.

Focus on the exquisite detail of this glass Christmas ornament and the "emotion" of it's artistic quality.

There is a "ballet" in this glass container of cotton swabs...see it?

I hope this first little glimpse of "WHAT'S IN A PHOTO" has sparked your way of looking at the world around you.  There is so much to see if we just leave the bounds of traditional viewing and let our minds see for us.  Please feel free to comment, tell me what you see or experienced in these photos.  I'm looking forward to posting more and hope you enjoy this new feature of V&V.  Thanks for reading.

Images above  photographed by Parker Kagan-Kaufman 2014.

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