Friday, May 23, 2014

Some Walks Need To Be Taken Alone

    Some walks need to be taken alone.  The introspective, calming strides down the street or along the beach need to be a solitary endeavor.  You can't hear the yourself think when you're talking to somebody else.  You can't listen to what your body is telling you, like you need more rest, you need to calm down, or you need food.
Most of the time we get ourselves all upset over events that never come to pass. And other times, something comes out of the blue and collides with our peaceful existence, causing us a great deal of aggravation.  Walking alone will help you put it in perspective and let it go.


  1. So serene. Where is this?
    Laura M.

  2. Hi Laura,
    This is Clearwater Beach, Florida, right behind the Sheraton Sand Key Resort. My photo doesn't do it justice.