Thursday, November 6, 2014

SADDLE UP FOR LOVE by Marilyn Conner Miles

Book Description:

Barbara “Barb” Sessions is a wrangler and sometimes babysitter at the local dude ranch, Saddle Up. She meets lots of “weekend dudes”—older men, couples in love and families with children, but never any men her age, except for losers. Could it be because she’s always in jeans and cowboy boots? She can’t even remember the last time she wore a dress and heels. On top of that, one of the wranglers fancies himself in love with her. Will she ever meet Mr. Right? 

Dirk Adams is new to town and new owner of the Mercy Ridge Large Animal Veterinary Mobile Clinic. This is his first real job as a veterinarian. He grew up in Seattle. He isn’t much used to small towns other Stanwood where he did his internship and Pullman, the campus of Washington State University where he was a student. He’s heard that small towns often don’t warm up to new people moving there, and now he’s getting ready to replace their beloved, retiring Doctor Nick. How will they react to his new ways?

Good morning Gentle Readers,
    If you grew up watching westerns with your dad like I did when I was a kid, then you'll know why this book caught my attention. Although it was part of a series I haven't read yet, I had no trouble following the plot.  I look forward to the rest of her series.
   Haven't tried a modern western? May I suggest this one? Here is my review posted on

Book Review by Carol Ann Kauffman
***** (Those are stars, by the way...)

by Marilyn Conner Miles was a refreshing, easy-reading dude ranch adventure about the budding relationship between a tough, self-reliant horse wrangler and the new vet in town.  Likeable characters, a picturesque locale, and the threat of danger in the mountain country came together to make SADDLE UP FOR LOVE a great read.  This was the first book I've read by this author, and I'll be coming back for more. 

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