Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Town Beneath the Christmas Tree by J R Wirth

Review Rating:    5 stars!
Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

An entertaining story for children with a very original and unique plot that is dreamy at the same time identifiable.

The Town Beneath the Christmas Tree by J.R. Wirth is a story with Christmas as the backdrop. In the story we see six children fighting over their gifts under the Christmas tree, and finding themselves transported to a new land. Narrated by Hailey, one of the cousins in the story, the book takes readers on a trip to another town where they learn the true meaning of Christmas. Hailey is soon followed by her cousins, Isaiah and Bubba, to a snow-covered strange land where they also run into their other cousins, Ariana, Hayden and two-year-old Harper. How will the cousins treat each other now?

 I found the story engaging and enjoyable. Children will love the trip to a new land with Hailey and her cousins. The plot is unusual and original. The adventures faced by the cousins while in the strange land are exhilarating and will hold the interest of young readers. The beautiful message and concept conveyed through the story are useful and helpful in teaching children. The quarrelsome kids and their constant bickering with each other is relatable to all children because, apart from its dream-like plot and adventures, the story also teaches them something helpful and informative. Readers will fall in love with all the cousins. Though the story is set during the Christmas season, it can be read at any time.

From the Back Cover

Christmas is a time for family, particularly children who keep the magic of Christmas alive. What happens though when children become nasty and fight over the wrapped presents under the tree? Six cousins find out in the Town Beneath The Christmas Tree. In the spirit of Charles Dickens the cousins are placed into an unfamiliar, upside-down world, where they are forced to deal with, and rely on, each other. The journey begins with the heroine, nine-year-old Hailey Jade, landing in a winter wonderland where terror soon sets in, as she realizes she is all alone. Soon Hailey is joined by her older cousin, Isaiah. Together they recognize that the younger children have also been catapulted through time and space and are now missing and in danger. The race to find the younger children ends them up in the town beneath their grandfather's Christmas tree, where they find the true meaning of Christmas and the love for one another.

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