Thursday, January 28, 2016

A New Cover for BELTERRA

Dear Gentle Readers,

My first full-length sci-fi romantic novel, BELTERRA, was in need of a facelift. The original photo I used on the cover was one I had taken on a trip to Tuscany in 2006. It was wine country in the Italian countryside. I was standing in the vineyards looking down into a lush, verdant valley below.

The original title of this book was Terra Nova, Italian for new land. At that same time, a new sci-fi series debuted called Terra Nova, so we changed the title to Belterra, short for Bella Terra, Italian for beautiful land. And the photo really seemed to work with that beautiful land concept.

However, the story does take a dark turn or two, and when I was looking for a new cover, I asked for something a little different.

And this is what we got...a beautiful cover, but a little dark, and a little bit scary. I hope you like the new cover as much as I do.


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