Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Interview with Artist David Sywalski

Oh, what a treat I have for you this morning, Vision and Verse Readers!  The very talented and ever-elusive stone sculptor David Sywalski is with us this morning.  For those of you living under a rock, (stone sculptor humor here), David Sywalski is an outstanding American stone sculptor. I first found his work on the internet, browsing the art sites as I often do. His work is widely recognized in the New England area, where he calls home. But his popularity is increasing and his work has received worldwide attention.

 Hello, David!

Hi Carol. I hope all is well with you....things have finally settled down here a bit.  We almost had snow last night.   

Thanks for the weather report.  David, I love your work. Can you tell us when you decided to become an artist?
It was in my high school years during the 1980's, I was sitting at a long desk that I had made with my dad, out of an old antique upright piano it had a very luminescent lacquered surface. I was studying music and art at the same time. 
For some reason I mulled this question over and over in my mindMusic/Art.....    Music/Art..... and this went on for a while. Somehow the art won out. I have been on that path ever since. I have worked for many other sculptors and artists over the years and learned a great deal from them. For now I do my own work and pass on all of my knowledge to aspiring sculptors....and I give away tools sometime too. I believe that you are what you do every day, and you become what you do, and for me that means sculptor.

I'm thinking on auctioning off a small sculpture carved in Basalt about eight inches. What do you think about that ?? 

I think that's smashing! (Get it?  A little more stone sculptor humor?) 

A busy man of few words, he is gone already. I will attempt to get him back at a later date for a little more of the amazing David Sywalski.

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