Thursday, May 5, 2016

FREE! Echo of Heartbreak, A Recipe for Life

Dear Gentle Readers,

Echo of Heartbreak, A Recipe for Life, is a short story/cookbook written in the form of a journal from a very ill mother to her unborn daughter. The kindle version is free until Saturday, May 7, 2016 at 


My editor told me it was the worst book title in the world, second only to the Winnie the Pooh cookbook, Cooking with Pooh, and she urged me to change it. I did not.

Here is what others are saying about it. It has nine great reviews here on in the US and two in Europe.

This story started out as a character profile for a character in another story, the mother of Michelle Rosemont in MacKalvey House. And somehow, Melina Valentina Rossetti Rosemont became a story of her own. 

The cover is by award-winning cover artist Beth Maddox, of Cover It Up Designs. She does amazing work. 

Echo of Heartbreak, A Recipe for Life, is also available in paperback at, same link as above. It will appeal to any mother who had a daughter... and every daughter who has or had a mother.


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