Tuesday, January 3, 2017

FREE Today! January Black Ice by Carol Ann Kauffman

Dear Gentle Readers,

January Black Ice, the first Cat Collier Mystery in the Winter Series is free today at http://tinyurl.com/zmv3jeq

Mary Catherine Collier is called to the penthouse apartment of the city’s very rich, most influential lawyer, Detrick Bittmor. He has a very personal assignment for her. It involves a mysterious young man who sits on a park bench every day at noon and stares up at Bittmor’s top floor apartment.

Mary Catherine, or Cat, as she’s better known, has a soft spot for this lawyer with a nasty reputation. There’s something about this old man she likes, and even finds charming. 

Detrick Bittmor thinks the young man on the park bench resembles a younger version of himself. He thinks this young man could be his son from an affair he had many years ago with a beautiful New Year lawyer. This man could be his only heir. 

And old man Bittmor isn’t getting any younger.

Pick up this mystery short story today! February White Lies and March Blues, the second and third stories round out the Winter Collection. April Yellow Moon is scheduled for release January 15, 2017.

Give yourself a good day. Don't wait for somebody else to do it.

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