Thursday, January 5, 2017

In the Shadow of Secrets, Murder Hides by DB Jones

Madison feels the constant presence of someone close, watching her every move. Is someone stalking her and why? Could someone from Madison’s past be seeking revenge because of a case she solved or is this totally unrelated?

As Madison and Josh try to unravel the puzzle behind the killer who hides in the shadows, they risk their future together. Someone wants one of them dead and the other to suffer. Madison can feel the looming shadow closer with each day, and he always seems to be one step ahead of her and Josh as they struggle to piece together the clues and evidence to reveal a profile of the murderer.  Will her hard work be in vain? Will she and Josh catch this psychopathic murderer before he turns the tables on them, making one of them his final victim?

Time is quickly ticking away, and Madison and Josh are running out of time. 


Madison leaned against the wrought-iron railing of the fourth-floor balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean watching the morning light rising over the horizon. The beach was desolate at that hour, and all she could hear were the gentle waves washing ashore. 

She could barely make out the white crest of foam kissing the shoreline; then something caught her eye. Squinting to make out what it was, she stretched over the railing. It appeared that someone was lying on the beach, near the water’s edge, fully dressed. The waves came closer, but the figure didn’t move.
Madison took a sip of her coffee and glanced down toward the beach. “Josh, she hasn’t moved since the water started hitting her shoes.”

“Maddy quit looking for dead people. We’re on vacation.”

“You’re probably right, but would you humor me and take a look?”

“Okay.” He leaned over the railing. “What is that written the sand next to her?”

She moved closer to him, leaned over the railing and then looked back at him. “Josh, I don’t think she’s sleeping or hungover; I think she’s…”

“Maddy, don’t say it.”

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