Monday, March 20, 2017

The Madison Rand Books by Carol Ann Kauffman

Madison's Christmas tells the story of Madison Rand, a young woman dealing with grief during the holiday season, and is afraid to get involved with a handsome, new man at work who wiggles his way into her life. Although the Christmas season is a backdrop for the book, I wouldn't call it a Christmas book.  

Madison Rand's story continues in Christmas at Star Lake, which takes place the following December. Madison discovers the death of her father and Bob Turner, her best friend/sometimes boyfriend, were not natural causes. Someone is targeting Madison's highly specialized employees and eliminating them. She closes down her business, sends her people into hiding, and heads to a cabin in the woods on the lake in upstate New York. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? This one is a madcap adventure you don't want to miss.

There is a third and final installment in the Madison Rand book series. I'm working on it now. It should be out this coming holiday season. The Madison Rand short stories are published by Books To Go Now Publishers.


Amazon Links:
Madison's Christmas
Christmas at Star Lake

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