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Echo of Heartbreak, A Recipe for Life by Carol Ann Kauffman

Echo of Heartbreak, A Recipe for Life
by Carol Ann Kauffman

Dear Gentle Readers,

Echo of Heartbreak, A Recipe for Life is a short story written in the form of a letter, or journal, from an ill mother to her unborn daughter. It has advice on love and life, as well as delicious recipes, like Spinach Cream Cheese Foldovers, Pineapple Squares, Chicken Parmesan, Italian Turkey Stuffing, and Ricotta Pies (chocolate, lemon, and cinnamon) to name of few.  These were my mother's recipes. 

Now, my mother was one of those old Italian ladies who never wrote down a recipe in her life. She never gave her recipes to anyone, not even my sister and me. When we would ask, she would say, "I'll make it for you. Come and get it tomorrow." 

She was an outstanding cook and baker.  Everything she made was outstanding. She made it all look effortless.  She was her happiest in the kitchen. Our home was always filled with hungry friends and relatives.

When she was in her nineties, very ill, and not expected to live much longer, she finally agreed to give me her recipes, provided I waited until she passed away before sharing them with anyone.

Then I would go home and make them, returning the following day with the results, which were never like my mother's. She would taste it and say, "you cooked it too long,"  "you rushed it", "too much flour", and my very favorite, "why the hell weren't you interested when I wanted to show you?", so I went back and fixed the recipe.

It wasn't an easy experience. It involved hours and hours of wringing these recipes from her, when the last thing she wanted to think about was food, or anything else pleasant. But it was a way for me to pass the time while I stayed with her and tried to get her mind off the road ahead of her.
My mother passed in March of 2006. The following Christmas I made a recipe photo album for each member of my family. On Dec. 25, 2013. I published Echo of Heartbreak, A Recipe for Life to share these recipes with you. I know you'll love them. Many of my readers have made some of these recipes part of their Christmas tradition.


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