Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Artist Randall David Tipton

 Randall David Tipton is a Northwest contemporary landscape painter. He grew up in California and New Mexico. He studied under Richard Diebenkorn at the Santa Fe Institute of Fine Art, but considers himself mostly a self-taught artist because he likes to experiment. 

Mr. Tipton likes to walk in the countryside with his camera, his notebook, and sketchbook. What he experiences in nature is the basis for his artwork. Being in nature stokes his creative processes. 

Randall David Tipton has loved painting landscapes from an early age. He has been influenced by the American abstract impressionists and especially in their belief that the act of improvisation is the path to something truly unique and personally meaningful.

Mr. Tipton moved to the Portland, Oregon area about seventeen years ago, where his work is widely displayed. 

One can easily see the impact of the beautiful Pacific Northwest on his work.

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