Thursday, May 3, 2018

Watching Amy by Dale Britton

Watching Amy 
Who or What is So Interested in Her?
by Dale Britton

Amy is a sixteen-year-old girl who starts to notice that something strange is happening. People are staring at her. It could be anyone- friends, family, strangers, even animals. They just freeze in place and start watching her, and they don't even seem to notice that they're doing it. And then, when she's caught in an explosion at her father's research lab, things really get nuts. Amy and her friends need to figure out the mystery of what's happening to her before it's too late, because something big is going on. And the more they learn, the more obvious it becomes that it might not just be Amy who's in danger. It might be the entire world.

My Review:
5 Stars
Watching Amy: Who or What is So Interested in Amy? by Dale Britton was a real surprise of a read. ‘Somebody’s watching me’, or ‘looking at me funny’ is a pretty common teenage complaint. But in this story, Amy is indeed being watched. The problem is so much more than teenage angst or insecurity. This was a suspenseful tale with a surprise ending. Britton has a knack for writing teen dialogue. His characters feel real and make you care about them. They faced daily normal situations and planet-shaking dilemmas with the same lovable, open, true-hearted reactions. I highly recommend Watching Amy to sci-fi fans everywhere.

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