Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Lavender Mist of May by Carol Ann Kauffman

Join the further adventures and misadventures of Cat Collier, a woman who opens her own private investigation business in her small hometown on her journey from being a small town obituary writer to big city detective .

In this fifth installment of the short story mystery series, Cat works to find a missing Chinese girl who came to the United States on a work/study program and disappeared into thin air. An informant takes a big risk. Nola is put in danger. A child's parentage comes into question. A member of the Palazzo Castellano family is put in danger and someone evil comes after another.

Think of these serial Cat Collier short stories as a TV mini-series. Each episode builds upon the previous ones. You CAN pick up the story wherever you jump in, but to see the connection between the characters and how they became part of the Palazzo Castellano family, you really need to start with January Black Ice. 

I call them short stories, but they are each about 15,000 words. The stories revolve around Mary Catherine Collier, nickname Cat, who is happy writing obituaries in the basement of the daily newspaper of Heaton Valley, Ohio. Until the paper closes.

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