Monday, July 30, 2018

And While We Were Sleeping...

And while we were sleeping, 

Vision and Verse, the place for art and authors, co-founded by a Texas artist and an Ohio writer, surpassed the 200,000 Pageviews Milestone.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who stops by to see what’s happening on this little site about art and authors, reportedly the two dullest blog subjects on the web. We were warned five years ago last April that we were doomed from Day One. Art blogs are boring until it’s your blog about your own art. Author blogs are boring unless you are the author and you’re showcasing your own books. But we persisted.

Yes, we showcased my novels, short stories, and works-in-process. Yes, we featured some or our own artwork. But we added the people of interest along the way. 

We’re not much. We’re plain. Simple. One column down the middle, white background, no fancy stuff. We let our content take the stage, whether it’s a new book, a film pick, or an interview with one of today’s up and coming artists or authors. We don’t pretend to be anything we’re not, no illusions of grandeur here. 

Just a spark, call it inspiration, creativity, magic voovoo. That special spark you see in a painting or photo, hear in a touching song, or read in a surprising simple text. That spark that speaks to you, awakens something inside you. 
It’s that memorable glint of beauty that separates that moment from the rest of your day. 

Hey, we don’t always nail it. And these days, ‘we’ is me. The rest of the staff has moved full-time jobs, professional positions, or dropped out of the blog scene completely.  But long as I can find an artist, painter, photographer, or author willing to take the time to interview with us, we will continue.

Am I surprised we hit 200,000 pageviews? Yes!!! Why? I don’t know. 

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