Tuesday, August 7, 2018

ART: The New York Dance Project

New York Dance Project

The New York Dance Project is an artistic venture designed to call attention to dance

and dancers and the extraordinary grace of their bodies. 

This initiative was founded by fashion photographer Ken Brower and
dancer/photographer Deborah Ory.

These gorgeous photos are part of a collection of fifteen that will be featured in a 

soon to be released book entitled The Art of DanceThere are many more images
in the book. Each one of these beautiful photos expresses the joy of movement.

Ken and Deborah came up with this idea when they were decorating their daughter's
bedroom. Their daughter is an aspiring ballerina and they wanted artwork of 

contemporary dancers for the walls. But they couldn't find what they were looking for,
so they decided to photograph the dancers themselves.

They contacted a principal dancer from the American Ballet Theatre and he agreed.

Soon the word spread and Ken and Deborah began getting requests for collaboration
with other members of the New York Dance community. 

Here is what others are saying:

"Dance lovers, here is your Rodeo Drive shopping spree, your Four Seasons spa day,
your celeb-indulgence wrapped in intoxicating finery. All you need ask yourself is: Do I prefer 
my ballerinas in tutus or inball gowns? Here, the dramatic lighting and compressed storytelling 
of a Vogue shoot are paired with gorgeous creatures who seem to be floating, flying or balanced 
on nothingness." - The Washington Post

 "A new book from NYC Dance Projects captures the stunning athleticism of ballet." 

"The photos capture the art and athleticism of some of today's best dancers with striking and 
intimate portraits." - CNN 

"In The Art of Movement: NYC Dance Project, stars from the world of dance are captured in 
evocative poses that sometime suggest weightlessness or even flight. " - Photo District News

 "What makes Browar and Ory's photos stand out is that they communicate not just movement, 
but interact with the viewer on a personal and emotional level. Their photographs are now gathered
together in a sumptuous new book, The Art of Movement, where they have been beautifully 
reproduced and bound; a worthy frame to enhance their work. The book's title is a modest one, 
because the art of movement comes from their subjects, but it is the art of the photographer which 
captures it so vividly. Unputdownable." - Gramilano

The book came out last October and can be purchased here:


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