Thursday, August 9, 2018

BOOK: Christmas at Star Lake by Carol Ann Kauffman

Madison Rand runs Rand Solutions, an unusual and very helpful agency in the beautiful town of Silver Maple, New York. Her father and boyfriend died unexpectedly last Christmas. Now the police inform her the rest of her highly qualified, specialized employees are being targeted by a professional hitman and being picked off, one by one. In an attempt to keep them safe, she closes down her business, sends them all into hiding, and retreats to a friend’s cabin at Star Lake to figure out who is after them and why. 

Danger follows her to the cabin in the woods at Star Lake, where an old ghost from her past reappears on Christmas Eve, hellbent on revenge, and the madman tracks her through the underground caves at the lake. 

Shots are fired. A body drops to the ground. Is it Kyle Miller, the love of her life, who followed her to the cabin to propose on Christmas Eve? 

The air is thick with treachery and deceit. The body count is rising and old friendships are put to the test. But Madison Rand believes in miracles, especially at Christmas time.

This is the second Madison Rand book. Although it may be helpful reading Madison's Christmas first to understand the relationships between the characters, it's not necessary.

Yes, it's listed as a Christmas story, but it's a story with Christmas as the backdrop rather than the main theme. It's a story that can be enjoyed all year long.

Requests have come to me for the third Madison Rand book. My publisher requested no dead bodies in this one. (Haha)
I had hoped to have it ready this August for Christmas 2018, but an eye problem has kept me from finishing the manuscript. So, next Christmas, hopefully, will see the final story in the Madison Rand trilogy. 

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