Thursday, August 16, 2018

FILM PICK: The Lost Room

Dear Gentle Readers,

 So many television channels and nothing to watch. Did you ever think that? I found a good one, completely by accident. The description did not pull me in, but there was NOTHING on and I needed a diversion, so I started to watch it.

Detective Joe Miller has this key thrust upon him by a dying young man. This key is to a motel room in Gallup, New Mexico that does not exist, Room 10 in the 1960's. Now I've been to Gallup, New Mexico, so this where it hooked me. More than that, this key opens any door with a key lock and a hinged door. But once you walk in, you’re in that missing motel room.  In the 60's. In Gallup, New Mexico.

His sweet and beautiful little girl becomes curious about this room and starts throwing her stuffed animals in one at a time. The stuffed animals disappear. Then SHE disappears, causing all kinds of custody court and police problems. 

Then Joe is forced to join forces with some wacky religious zealots who think this room, and it’s objects (like a pen, a comb, a box) are the pathway to God. 

It is on Tubi and also YouTube. Great writing. Great acting. Check it out. You won’t look at your comb or your pen the same way ever again. 

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